Monday, January 31, 2005

Lan Party

So what is a lan party? It's a party wherein you bring your own pc, establish a local area network, and play all night! It supposed to be a 4-man party, but Prof. Tristan couldn't make it *whiplash!* Anyways, We manage to set-up a LAN and played Tantra which ironically is an MMORPG (Many Men Online Role playing Girls..oops not that one..this one Massive Multiplayer Online Role playing Game) >_< We couldn't work out the Command & Conquer Generals so we played Tantra instead. We played Ragnarok Offline also (the private server) but the highlight of the night was Tantra. I created a new character because I dont want to play my old "female" character. Like my old character, I created an Asura (male counterpart of a Rakshasa). Level-up all night long, even if I'm so sleepy >_<. I remembered dying several times because of snoozing ^_^; What's a party without food? We ate instant pancit canton and "lugaw" and drank lots of beer...err..juice. The party turned out on the good side but we're not planning a immediate follow-up. For more details about Tantra visit their site at Tantra Online

Here are some pics of both my male and female character

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Prince Endymion is the love of Princess Serenity on the animated & live series of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon

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Annka is well..ugghh..let's just say the girl of my dreams >_<

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