Sunday, February 06, 2005

ako si Maoi...

Hello to all Siopao Master's blogmates... or whatever bloggers call it... nyahehe!!! ]

Anyway, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Maoi or a.k.a. former "Hikari" as Siopao calls me, which means LIGHT in english.. I am Siopao's schoolmate, classmate, ragnamate, PS2mate and ka-GeForce during college. mwahahaha!

Hmmm... Maybe you're asking, what am I doing here. Actually, I don't know either.. Hehe! It just happened that we are both here in AMACU Library today, where we spend our spare time during breaktime and after class dismissal in the afternoon back in college. I told him to let me post an entry in his new blog (just got nothing to do.. :p)

Uhmm... what else can I say... John Andrew Delos Santos... For the bloggers who are reading this and who still don't know who the hell John Andrew Delos Santos really is, then allow me to say few things about this guy. Hmmm.. Let's say, some are good and some are not soo good as well... Haha! Hey! That's what are frieds for right??! You can not say you are a real friend unless you can tell what's nice and wha'ts not so nice with them...

Okay, here it goes... Drew is a nice person, he won't make you feel that you are an outcast. You can not expect him to just leave you alone, mentally and physically. He's a good listener. He's always there to cheer you up whenever you feel down and lonely... He's a gentleman but he doesn't treat me like I'm a girly girl, I mean in a nice way, like for example it's fine with him if I wanted to go to the gym with him (not most of the guys are like that, they just want to carry weights w/o someone disturbing them), and many more... What I don't like about him is he doesn't take advices, not just from me but from anyone else. Maybe sometimes but not most of the time. Like even when he's totally wrong with his decisions and everything he still won't listen to your advice, the only right for him is what he knows and what he wants. PRIDE as you say... Sometimes he's jokes are corny and/or just too much... He's sensitive and gets hurt easily. And... um... he eats a LOT! hahaha!!!

I think I got carried away too much with this posting thingy... Hey Drew! Don't worry okay? This testimonial is free... Haha! Just make it up to me when you got your first salary okay? Hihi! Kidding... But no kidding... Haha! Anyways... Good luck with our new world, good luck with everything. Take care always ayt??? I'm going to miss all of you... :)

-- MAOI aka hikari

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Siopao Master said...


Maoi parang testi sa friendster ah!

Akala ko kung anong nobela tinatype mo kanina

Salamat! Salamat! I'm always here for you no matter what

Take Care