Thursday, April 21, 2005

Seems to be a love story

They say love destroys the best of friendship. There were once a boy who fell in love with his bestfriend. It all started when the boy felt a "magical" sensation towards his bestfriend and he thought that the girl felt the same way...but he was dead wrong. The girl only felt the love for a friend, nothing more nothing less. So the boy just kept his feelings to himself. As time passed by, the communication between the two weakened until the "magical" link between the two disappeared. One day, the girl called the guy, as expected, the feelings of the guy towards the girl burned a new fire. But alas, the girl told the boy "May boyfriend na ako". The boy felt the whole world caved in. If only the boy told the girl everything, maybe just maybe, the outcome will change. End of story

Actually, the boy TOLD the girl what he felt but the girl just ignored the whole matter. Since the "confession", the friendship between the two disappeared because of these magical words "I think I'm falling for you". Sadly, the girl wiped out all the happy memories between the two of them and pretended the boy didn't exist anymore. One day she found a new friend, and eventually, a person she loved so much.

Whatever the path the boy took, it lead into just one outcome.

Naging ano nga ba yung lalake sa buhay nung babae?

>Wala ~_~

Parang pamilyar tong storyang to ah, true to life?

>Hinde ~_~

Eh bakit mo pinost?

>Wala lang, bored ako eh ~_~

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