Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Very Tiring Day

Woke up at 6 in the morning and went to Quezon City Circle. My sis and I rented a bike and we strolled around the park. As usual, many beautiful women caught my attention, what a lovely way to start the morning. We ate breakfast at Tropical Hut which was located inside the park and we head home. Three hours later, Tristan and I went to the gym located right upstairs of Mcdonalds Mindanao. Turns out, the gym was closed (dang!). So we tried the gym at General St. and it turn to be a nice gym. After that tiring gym session we head at Tristan's house to rest for a while and browse his files (hehehe). After a few hours of chatting and watching tv, I went home and changed clothes again because my family and I went to SM North Edsa. Geesh, I cannot stand the heat and the tiring sensation that my body produces. I arrived home only to find out that our Agit (castle) on Ragnarok was taken from us Image hosted by Goodbye Agit Image hosted by

Oh well, better luck on Monday *sigh*

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