Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I had the oppurtunity to play Counterstrike once again. It's been a very very very long time since I played that game. To start things out, there was no internet connection on Sybros cafe (damn you destiny!) so we have to find an alternative to our lust for gaming. There it was, on the desktop of evry terminal, the most covethed icon, the guy holding a gun and aiming at something. I executed the program and there it was again. It is like a time travel scene from the movie Back to the Future. I still remember the menu, the interface and yes, the config, my very unique config. I remembered the days when I just type on the console the commands "exec andz.cfg" and all the binds and altered settings were executed because of that command. See even at Counterstrike I'm a geek! I entered my name not as YOAN OF ARC or T A M A S H I,my former identities, but as Siopao Master. At first it is like adjusting on a new environment, but as I killed a counter terrorist with my AK-47, I smelled blood, and the hunger for killing awakens within me. Before, I was the "sniper ng APL", with my expertise with the AI L96A1 or popularly know as the "one shot" sniper rifle. I have to prove it one last time. The joy of killing an enemy with just one shot is like an ecstacy to me. Always remember the battle cry I said to myself. "Shoot first and you're a war hero, shoot second and you're a casualty". Counterstrike and my group APL (Ang Pitong Lazarus) maybe long forgotten, but it is still engrave in my heart, a heart of a sniper, a heart of a killer.

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