Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For the sake of friendship

I officially withdraw from the pursuit of JA. Even though it is difficult, I must. In order for our friendship to be saved, I must not treat her specially, give her gifts without a reason. Texting love quotes and expressing how you feel. Our friendship is suffering badly due to the people surrounding us. Always teasing her, always asking what special thing I have done today for her. The list goes on. I have to this decision because I really love her, I love so much I don't want her to suffer anymore. I wanted her to live just an ordinary life with people constantly annoying her because of me. I don't want history to repeat itself. The friendship that led to tragedy and eventually produced hate. I don't want to arrive to that scenario again, not with JA, not with any else ever again. History's purpose is to remind us the mistakes we have done so that the present and the future can be worth living for. Darn, I haven't even said "I love you" to her. life sucks.

And now for something more serious

I love egg

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