Monday, November 28, 2005

Untold Love

Sometimes, The things you do is completely different from the ones deep within your heart

You have a very special feeling to this very special person. Everytime you see this person, you feel "butterflies" in your stomach or do you experience those "heart pounding" moments everytime that special someone is right beside you? Maybe..just maybe you are experiencing love. I know I know, people change when the element of love is mixed within a relationship, either there's a good outcome or the end of your friendship. No matter what the outcome is, there is a point in time that you wanted to tell that person how you feel, It is just that you are afriad of what will happen next. Those feelings, if you just think about them, they won't reach the other person. look what happened to me, the more I kept to myself how I felt about her, the more pain I felt inside everytime she's with the one she love. Because of my cowardly act, Her heart now belongs to somebody else, Even if I cry now, These tears will not return the moment I had my chance. But at least..I am happy for her, for she has found her Romeo....

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