Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chat TV, Sex on Sale

What is chat tv? It's like instant messaging on TV. You send messages on air thru SMS and your messages will appear on screen with your preffered username. Over 13 channels here in the Philippines have this kind of service and usually aired at night.

Like the faith of all chat related services, chat TV became the breeding ground of maniacs, nympho, queers and fags. If you want to shag someone for a low cost, you can read the messages flashing on the screen and wait for that oh so popular "Need sexmate, text me at ###########". Many minors who have uncontrollable sexual urge a.k.a. libido, experience SEB (sex eye-ball) child trafficing and sometimes death beacause of this stuff. Hey, before these services were wholesome enough for everyone to enjoy. Oh well, technology has its perks.

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