Sunday, January 29, 2006

Trip to Jollibee

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An uproar rised amidst the internet blogs when an American named Pamela Ribon posted on her blog her adventures inside Jollibee in the US.

Pamie and her buddies ridiculed Jollibee by making fun of its food. We all know that a great number of Filipinos resied at Eagle Rock (where pamie lived) and Jollibee was built there to make them feel at home with langhap sarap meals. Pamie criticized Jollibee's food but didn't not paid attention to the fact that Jollibee was made for Filipinos, and not for the likes of her. Read her full entry to know everything

and you can also check her second post regarding this matter

So I went to our own Jollibee here at Cherry Foodarama to prove that Pamie is such a bitch, Jollibee is too good for her XD

OK, here's the counter. I ordered Burger Meal # 3. That's a regular yum with mushroom and cheese. Yum yum! I added 10 Php to upsize my Sarsi (local rootbeer) and my fries. The kind cashier gave me a number (it was number 13 lol)

and after a few minutes

Oh yeah! Time to eat! Itadakimasu! XD XD

First the fries were fresh from the deep frying pan because it was so damn hot XD

After munching the fries, I grabed the burger and prepared for ecstacy

OH YEAH! I took a bite and the lucious cheese and beef patty placed my taste buds into full throttle.

Oh yeah! This is life!

To hell with you Pamie! Jollibee is way better than your Mcdonalds!

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Mike Abundo said...

Let's hope she chokes on her next Big Mac.