Thursday, February 23, 2006

BoA's 4th Japanese Album

The Japanese sensation Kwon BoA recently released her 4th Japanese album entitled "Outgrow".

After the success of Best Of Soul Perfect Edition last year, avex Trax finally released her 4th Japanese album entitled "Outgrow", Listen To My Heart being the 1st, Valenti being the 2nd and Love and Honesty being the 3rd (the rest are remixes and compilations). Released last February 15,2006 in CD and CD+DVD format. Here is the tracklisting:

01. Silent Screamerz
02. Do The Motion
03. Kimi no tonari de
04. Outgrow~Ready Butterfly~
05. make a secret
06. Everlasting
07. Long Time No See
08. Cosmic Eyes
09. Dakishimeru
10. Love Is Just What You Can't See
11. Stay My Gold
12. Soundscape
13. With U
14. First Snow (Bonus Track)

02. make a secret (PV)
03. Dakishimeru (PV)
04. Everlasting (PV)
05. PV Making

CD Cover

CD+DVD Cover

source: J-Pop news

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