Saturday, February 25, 2006

Emotional Stress

This past week is nothing but pain and sadness to me

It is like a series of unfortunate events, a fatal blow, an extremity fist to me.

First, work. It is official, I only have one absent left before they terminate me. It is all becuase of that blasted leave. They told me that my leave was revoke due to mis-filing. I should have filed a vacation leave instead of "others". Hello?!! I attended a seminar from Microsoft, and besides, I don't have a vacation leave yet. My dean even made a letter to lift the absences but they just won't accept it. Next, my program heads didn't like my performance during the IQA requirements completion. I did my part, but they expect more from me.

Next problem, money. Because of my masteral, My salary was deducted a lot. I will recieve only a portion of my salary and the rest will go to my tuition. I don't want to ask for money to my mother, it's just not right.

Finally, friendship and love. I was stupid to fall in love with my friend. Damn, because of this love, I almost lost my friend. I broke the eternal vow that we are just friends. I'm so stupid for letting my emotions control me. I did something that I thought can change her feelings for me. But, freinds are friends, they are never ment to be. Well, you have to give up your dreams in order for others to be happy.

It is like I snapped and cried a lot because of these events. Luckily, somnething happened last night that change it all...

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