Saturday, February 04, 2006

Series of not so unfortunate events

February 3, 2005 might be the longest day in my life so far. A lot happened event by every event.

First, I was summoned to school earlier than expected due to a substitution on a subject whom my friend was supposed to attend, but due to a "drinking party" earlier last night, she got a hang over and couldn't come to school. After the class, I was told again that there was another substitution fro another friend of mine who suffered a hang over as well. Well due to this our program heads got furious and went berserk (no really hehehe) I was also reminded that the "food committee" must serve today or else suffer the consequences. So I bought a platter of pancit bihon and 2 1.5 liters of coke in my expense so that the committee will not suffer. But our raging program heads weren't satisfied with the food and told us that it was not enough. Boo hoo..anyway. Later that night, we decided to watch a movie, but someone suggested (Julie!) to go to baywalk instead. We strolled around for a while then decided to eat. Tristan's dad called and told us that he will arrived within 30 mins. (gasp). So we hurried back into the car of our friend Jane to get our stuff. We realized that there was a massive towing going on and our car wasn't parked on the right side of the street. So we hurried back to the others and tell them to change location. Tristan's dad arrived shortly but I decided not to come with them. I don't know why, maybe because I want to be with her just a little bit more...that's a BIG mistake because the following events made me come home 5am in the morning..yay.

Mam Sanchez called me and asked me if I'm with Julie, I said yes and she talked with her. It turns out, she wanted to confirm about her student who died on the 31st of January but saw him on February 1st..spooky huh? Anyway, we decided to go home and planned to drop the girls on NLEX, but our driver Jake got absent minded and headed straight NLEX. I was a point of no return, So we have no choice but to carpool the girls on their homes, which was not a bad idea after all. I got the chance to see their homes and it was all beautiful. I arrived home 5am and decided not to sleep anymore. Then I heard from the news that a tragedy occured on Ultra when the audience of WOWOWEE stampeded and crushed hundreds of people killing 73 of them. Later today, Tristan and I decided to watch Bloodrayne on Glorietta 4 and it turns out to be the prequel to the game. Man I'm tired already because of lack of sleep, but hey, what day it is.

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