Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Back!

3 Weeks is sure hell for me! 3 Weeks of no internet, no chat, no Ragnarok, no por...err no reading of stuffs. It's like the dark ages once again.

To fill the emptiness on my internet life, I did some things like watch anime example: Bleach marathon, and watch some DVDs like Shinobi, Blade Trinity, Constantine and belive it or Pinoy Big Brother and Jewel in the Palace. Anyway, I have developed an addiction to Defense of the Ancients or popularly known as DotA. It was momon's birthday last Sunday and me my "Oracle" friends got together by playing DotA. I confess that it was my first time playing it and it was sure a happy experience. My favorite hero so far is Morthred becuae of her "backstabbing" skills.

Enough blogging for now. Time to download those missed Naruto Episodes and Bleach also

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