Tuesday, April 11, 2006

200th Post

This is well my 200th post. I know some people are reading my blog, some may like it, some may hate it. I don't mind what they think about my posts. This is just my outlet of the feelings I felt today or the past few weeks.

Most of my posts are about love and tragedy, and sometimes current events. Many people think love is a boring and over-used subject and love is not to be taken seriously. Well, in my part, love means everything to me. I can learn a subject just by reading the lecture, I can learn a game by just playing it. But when it comes to love, I'm a no0b, a newbie, an amateur. Not having a girlfriend all my life may prove it but the focal point is that I can never ever understand the opposite sex. I may understand quantum physics than understand what a girl wants. i know, I know, I have lots of gal friends but when that girl become somone special tio my heart, she becomes complicated. It's like the matrix had altered her code so I cannot read it. I don't want to blame anyone for my demise, but I cannot determine what went wrong. Maybe, just maybe, becuase I'm always telling the truth to them. I never ever lie to the woman I love not even a white lie. That's why I really really hate those guys who lie to their girlfriends or people who just lie just to get out of problems that they started in the first place. It's like the woman you love is being misleaded by an a-hole who plays with her because he knew that you love that person. I don't know why those people still exist and how do they sleep at night? Anyway. I'm may just try again a new relationship without the "help" of other people who says that they are trying to help but the truth is thet are trying to ruin your life.

Anyway, do you believe in guardian angels? well I do, just this day, during the ongoing mass (I was an acolyte) I brought down the lighted pascal candle so that people can light their candles for the renewal of baptismal vows, the hot melted wax spilled on my face, gushing to my temple with just an inch (I think) to my eye. If I was just an inch more towards the candle, It may damaged my eyes and I don't know what may happen next. I'm glad I'm safe, thanks my guardian angel, who ever you are.

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