Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm now a Daddy!

With an influence from suzakulace. I decided to buy myself a Tamagotchi version 3!

Worth P999.75 at SM Toys

I opened up the package and was treated with excitement (I drooled like n 8-yr old boy hahaha) I removed the tag that signals the start of a new life.

An egg that is, waiting for the world to see. I tinkered with the settings (date, time and username SIOPS). After a minute, an alert caught my attention. I peeked into the Tamagotchi and the egg began to hatch! My heart pounded as the creature inside desperately free himself/herself from the egg. After moments of pixaled was a GIRL! Then Tamagotchi asked me for her name..I named her YET (no one in particular lolx) I feed her, I played with her, currently she's asleep now.

Damn, I'm so lonely you know..I wonder when can I find her a mother *sweatdrops*


Azrael Coladilla said...

daddy siopaomaster!


lets meet and play natin yung tamagotchis natin ahhhahaha

wala pa kasi kalaro yung tamagotchi namin ni lace..

btw..our tamagotchi is named "Eiri" girl din sya....anak sya ng 1st tamagotchi namin na si "Bibi" parehong girl hehheehhe.

ano name ng sa yo>?

play mo lagi yung games..
every evolve nyan..may new game na lalabas

Lace Llanora said...

congratulations for having a baby GIRL!!!

Jepoy said...

dapat sayo bumili ng Nintendo DS tapos Nintendogs.. :))

Siopao Master said...


YEt po name nya

salamat sa inyo wakokoko