Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In Loving Memory...

Approx. 5:40pm Julie's mom passed away due to complications in breast cancer. I was definitely shocked when I heard the news.

WE were planning to visit Julie and her mom later this day when we heard the news. I felt mix emotions during the moment, It's like I cannot explain what I'm feeling. When I heard Julie on the speaker phone, crying and talking to Ma'am Che, I can't help the tears fell down. I know how much Julie loved her mom, I mean loves, because even on the last moment she holded on. Whe decided to go there(Lung Center of the Philippines)me, Sir Manny and Ma'am Che, when we saw Julie, her eyes were all red due to tears. But as she hugged and greeted everyone, I felt that I was invisible. I felt that I shouldn't be there. We never spoke to the last mimute of our stay therre but I held her hand, wishing that I can say what I wanted to say, but they were very busy attending the hospital matters. Luckily, I saw her sister and told her that I am sorry for not being there, I am sorry for not visiting their mom, I am sorry for hurting Julie..

..Being friends is all that she wanted, I wanted more and I end up losing her entirely...

To her mom, wherever you are, You are now at the hands of the heavenly Father. the pain and suffering ends and you will experience joy at the heaven;y Kingdom forever.

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