Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guild Wars : Faction

After the successful launch of Guild Wars last April 28, 2005. NCSoft together with Arenanet brings you Guild Wars: Faction

Two new professions, the Assassins and the Ritualists. A new continent named Cantha and four new game types:

Challenge Missions
Cooperative missions involve specific scoring objectives, such as holding out against progressive waves of enemies. You will see personal bests and high scores displayed within the game.

Elite Missions
The most powerful alliances have access to new areas that are designed to be the ultimate cooperative challenge.

Competitive Missions
Multiple teams compete to control resource points and achieve strategic victory. Victors earn faction points for their alliance which will determine the control of towns and outposts.

Alliance Battles
Alliance Battles are large-scale, strategic PvP battles that allow factions to conquer new territory.

and the following new contents:

-A total of 300 new skills, including 90 new elite skills, for the two new Factions professions and the six core professions from Guild Wars

-More than 50 new locales, including story missions, combat arenas, and explorable areas

-More than 100 new creatures

-New guild halls

-New faces, hair styles, and armor sets for both Factions and the core professions

-New pets

-Hundreds of new weapons and items

Guild Wars: Faction is locally distributed by Asian Media Development Group

I can't wait to buy this game for only P2595

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