Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reunion and The Da Vinci Code

Yesterday, GeForce held their reunion at Greenbelt Makati.

We ate at Avenito and had a videoke at Red Box. The following members were present on the reunion:


here are some pics
here are Joyz' pics

After the celebration, me, Tristan, Pot, Paul, Jane and Jen watched The Da Vinci Code

Well, all I can say is, The controversy behind the movie is all so well exaggerated. Come on, only a sucker would question his/her faith because of the movie. The movie is so damn fiction and if you believe in everything it says, you're an asshole. BTW, Over the Hedge is a lot more controversial than the Da Vinci, where the hell can you see animals talking huh? That would really question your faith.