Sunday, June 11, 2006

10 signs that you're a DotA addict

10. You won't last a day without playing DotA
9. You bought a brand new pc just to play DotA.
8. When you see a friend,you greet him as "DotA?"
7. You would rather play DotA than eat lunch.
6. You think that recipes are used to make Buriza, not dinner.

5. You tried to Wind Walk just to enter a movie house for free.
4. But you hesitated because you think the guard uses a gem of true sight.
3. You look at chickens as courier of your things.
2. You have a major crush on Rylai Crestfall.
1. You made a list of the signs regarding DotA addiction.
0. You said only 10 but you added one more on the list.

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