Friday, June 09, 2006


I almost lost a very good friend today.

I had a very bad day today. First, I found out that I would not get my salary this coming payday due to problems in my papers. Next, we have an incentive leave that came from our hardship last graduation day, but, I cannot have that privilege because I'm not included in the summary list. Then, I found out that a close friend of mine is angry at me. Sometimes I do things not thinking about the consequences that would occur after it. I unintentinally hurt the feelings of the people who are dear to me. I am very sorry for all the mistakes that I've done to my friends. They gave me companionship, love and support and this is all I give in return. I know that there is an invisible crack on the friendship ring, but I will do my best to patch that crack, so that it won't turn into something that will crumble the very essence of our friendship. I love my friends, and I will do everything to make them happy, I know that is not enough to thank them for what they have done to me. Kudos to my friends for making me a strong person. Sorry for the bad things I have done and goodluck to everyone in our future.

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