Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So much for friendship

I am not supposed to post this on my blog for I know some people involve may read this. If you feel that you wanted to react on the following post, feel free to tag or place a comment, and please no anonymous names please.

So much for that, anyway, defining friendship may lead you into different meanings, but there is one specific meaning I would want to emphasize, that is trust. I think this element holds the friendship down to its very foundation. If trust is broken, the friendship will crumble. Then again, why am I saying all of this? Recently, I had a dispute with some of my friends. One is blaming me for being the reason why she hated my other friend. Because of the one phrase that I have said which I clarified to her that is not 100% sure. Now, they became friends again, but my friend used my phrase as the reason why she hated my other friend. Now that is a very pathetic excuse and very unfair on my part. Come on, the reason why you hated her is because of our Dean. Stop using me as an escape goat on your lame excuses and tell her the truth. On my other friend's part, you didn't even hear my side of the story and you concluded that it was all my fault. Well i'm very sorry that you are judgemental, I fought for you all this time and this is what you think of me? As for other people involved that wan't involved on the first place, stop taking sides and try to be on the middle of the situation. you didn't even asked me if the allegations were true or not. And you call yourselves friends, how pathetic. For my so called close friends, I always put my ass on the line just to set things straight between your enemies so that we could live peacefully, when It's my time for a helping hand, You'll just ignore it and forget about it. Gee, thanks!I know you all wanted to hate me more because of this post, I don't give a damn. I didn't mention any names, but if you are guilty enough, your conscience will eat you and you would squeal anyway.

Some might ask, why did you post it on your blog? Why not talk to them? Well, like I said, They're judgmental lamers and i would just waste my time. And hey this is my site, If you wanted to react, feel free to post. Have a nice day!

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