Sunday, June 18, 2006

Vista Most Secure OS Ever?

Microsoft Senior Vice President Bob Muglia was recently quoted in a speech at TechEd 2006 as saying that Windows Vista is the most secure OS in the industry.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has made security a major priority with Vista given the problems that XP has had over the years. As BetaNews points out "Windows Vista is the first operating system from Microsoft to be built from the ground up using the SDL development model. Every bit of code is scrutinized for Common Criteria Certification and security compliance checkpoints must be met along the way."

There are also a myrad of other improvments, many of which are outlined on the Microsoft Vista website.

Still, Muglia's statement will undoubtedly prove to be more of a publicity stunt than reality. The bottom line is that the most popular OS will always be the least secure - that is to say that hackers the world over will spend every waking moment looking for ways to exploit the software.

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