Saturday, July 08, 2006

Buying your way to victory?

I know it's been part of the online gaming community to buy and sell items online and offline (i.e. gold, items and characters). But is it worth every peso?

Here in the Philippines, Ragnarok Online is the most popular MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Many gamers spent their days in the pvp room or defending their castles during guild sieges. But the highlight of Ragnarok is its economy runned by real money. Php to Zennies or vice versa, cards, equipments. Even top-up cards. Every inch of pRO can be bought in real money. For me, this kind of economy ruins the essence of the game. pRO's philosophy is "Money over hard work" My P8000 versus your 3 months of non stop gaming. These reasons made me quit the game I used to love. The once challenging gameplay of pRO and the bonding of fellow gamers were all gone now thanks to money and corruption of game masters. Why do these players buy lots and lots of zennies anyway? Are they having a college pension plan for their characters? Planning a retirment benefit for themselves? That's just online money! All I can say is, "The whole point of playing a game is to waste time, not to be honorable"

Anyway, My current favorite game Guild Wars has also a "black market" for trading online stuff

Guild Wars skills and attributes
Guild Wars gold

Play like a real gamer you sissies!

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