Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to tell your PSP version before you buy

When going out to get a new PSP this christmas finding a 2.0 or below can be harder then expected.

As with the Playstation 2 there are a few different ways to find the version of your console before making a purchase. The first thing you need to be concerned about is the barcode on the box. Look for PSP-1001 K. The variable PSP-100x can be different, depending on where you live. Below that you will see the 120V branding, and below that a letter. Sony keeps track internally of which system is which by a letter code near the bottom of the psp box.

No Letter = 1.50 (North-American release) Confirmed
A = 1.50 Confirmed
B = 1.51 Confirmed
C = 1.52 Confirmed
D = 1.52 Unconfirmed (multiple version reports)
E = 1.52 Confirmed
F = 2.00 Confirmed
G = 2.01 Confirmed
H = 2.50 Confirmed

A note on the Giga Packs: While many report to have received 2.0 PSP's with the Giga Pack, many are now receiving 2.01's or above.

Source: PSP-Hacks.com

Stay away from those overpriced "1.50" circling our local malls. P17,000 is their price but they will sell you with "downgraded" versions which can be bought a cheaper.

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