Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pirates, storms and taxis

Yesterday, all the students were so happy because classes was suspended.

President GMA declared that the classes on all levels was suspended yesterday and today due to heavy rain and deep floods across the nation. I texted my little sister that I was heading to SM North. luckily, she's heading there, and also my mom, yipee. We decided to take a lunch on SM foodcourt and to my suprise, students flock the whole foodcourt. I even saw my students, the section YB to be exact. My family and I ate lunch and went ahead to watch Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest.

All I can say is, the movie is awesome. So awesome I hated the ending. It's like the feeling of being cheated and decieved. Hehehe no spoilers here mate. Just watch and learn how two hours is not long enough for this movie. Anyway, we went shopping and strolling after the movie, still strucked by the damn ending, We decided to call it a day and look for a taxi. If the events weren't enough, the name of the taxi we got has a uncanny coincidence to someone I tried to forget, but couldn't. Damn destiny, damn fate.

This is the name of the taxi:

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