Friday, July 28, 2006

PSP 2.80 firmware is here!

The new firmware version [2.80] for the PSP is here!

Here is a direct quote from

• [With the RSS channel], it corresponded to the download of the animated picture contents and the picture contents.
• [With the location free prayer], the equipment register by way of the wireless LAN access point became possible.

• The extension reached the point where the AAC file “of .3gp” can be played back.

• It corresponded to the contents which are retained in “MUSIC” of the “memory stick duo”, “PICTURE” and “the VIDEO” folder. (I don’t really know what this means.)

•Following ones were added to the game trial version which can be downloaded in the “memory stick duo”.
“[tamaran]” trial version download page (to 2006 August 31st 18 o’clock):

NOTE: 2.80 does not have homebrew capabilities, So if you are in love with homebrew DO NOT upgrade to 2.80!

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