Sunday, July 02, 2006

Teh Geek Shall Inherit teh Earth

I watched recently a show on ABS-CBN, the title was Gudtaym, and the show is all about humor and fun. Though there is one portion I didn't like, and that is GEEK-Q

That portion insulted the geekiness inside of me. Come on, you call those people geeks? According to the show, Geeks are synonymous to "baduys". Geeks are not friggin' baduys you idiots. Geeks are the those people who "knows" more than regular humans. Bill Gates is a geek, not Giselle Sanchez! Actors and actresses are not geeks to begin with. They are fashonistas and coƱotics, the oppossite of being a geek. GEEK-Q is a game where old songs or commercials were being played and the supposed to be geeks will guess the song or answer a lame question that even a non-geek can answer. Geeks are those people who will react on the background musics that ABS-CBN usually play on their shows "Those are songs from Final Fantasy!". GEEK-Q gives a bad impression on geeks because they are showing the public a wrong image of a geek. BTW, I never had a girlfriend, because those damn whores think I'm a geek, Screw those bitches.

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Mike Abundo said...

Local TV fears geeks. Here's why.