Saturday, July 08, 2006

WoW Philippines!

No it's not the campaign of Dick Gordon, it's World of Warcraft on Philippine servers!

Vivendi and Blizzard Entertainment are eyeing a local release of their best selling MMORPG World of Warcraft. But the question is, who would be the local distributor of this game? Will it achieve the success of the international server? What would be the price and billing scheme? As we all know, the game itself cost around P3000 and the prepaid cards around P2000 for 60 days. Now all we can do is wait and pray.



Laibeus Lord said...

It's not true. Trust me on that. ;)
In fact, don't count on it. I wish I can say everything I know or even hint but it is against my contract. So that's all I can say, there won't be any 'local' WoW servers.

- JCuneta

Mike Abundo said...

Perhaps because Blizzard's datacenter and CRM requirements are pretty damn high.

Siopao Master said...

actually I've been thinking on the aspect of not really having a local server. Look, korea doesn't have one. I mean, there are no other "local" servers for WoW in any part of the globe (correct me if I'm wrong). so why would Philippines have one?

Laibeus Lord said...

Korea, China, Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macau do have their own local servers, as in literally local servers (for the Taiwan-HK-Macau, if I'm not mistaken its in Taiwan).

I've been thinking about what I can say and what I can not reveal. I think it is safe for me to say that one of the reason why AMDG won't get WoW anymore is because they have Guild Wars.

The9 is now having an issue with Blizzard because they recently acquired the license to service Guild Wars in China - Blizzard do not like it. There is a reason behind it, and I think it is also safe to say that it is related to the ex-Blizzard employees who founded ArenaNet (*hint*)

Also, the INQ7/YOU article was posted by its writer 2 years ago (2004) and personally, I can not call it responsible gaming journalism, (a huge Malaysian gaming media is also guilty of this - again another 'bs' WoW article [bs as Blizzard contact said]).

If it's WoW news, unless Blizzard said so, it's all daydreaming. That's the policy with knowing if such articles are for real or they're just hyping the topic. (And it's bad hyping it that way, then they are going to hit other people - ie, linisin nio muna sarili niyong mga muta bago kayo pumuna nang ibang tao.) [sorry, I'm burning to say that]

back to topic: yes its true, Blizzard requirements are so high, no local or South-East Asian companies can pass their rigid criteria. Not counting how expensive the license is AND how huge Blizzard is asking for in-return (now that figure - I can not post in public places). ;)

Although I still am looking forward for an Asia-Pacific server where the rest of Asia and the Australia-New Zealand players can gather together undisturbed by the players in a totally different timezone that us.