Friday, August 25, 2006

From Hero To Zero

As I browse my account in Friendster, I realized that I followed the exact same pattern from high school to my present love life.

Which means I never learn from my mistakes. I found out the common denominator in each of my failures and here are the results:

1. I fell in love head over heels

2. I did everything possible for a human just to please the girl.

3. I was betrayed by the person I trusted the most.

4. The girl hates me now to my very bone

5. From close friends, demoted to acquaintances

Ok, first of all, there are only three persons that I seriously fell in love with. One in high school, one in college and one in work. I don't need to elaborate each and every person to protect their identity, even the people involved in my downfall.Ok, number one, I am sure that I really love the person if and only if, I realize later on that I loved her, not the type like "love at first sight". it's like, started as part of a circle of friends, then became close then I'd just realied that I deeply. Then secondly, did everything just to make her smile. You know, no matter how hard the things i've done for her, as long as I made her smile, All the pain will go away. Then the turning point is someone, not just anyone, my friend will do something that I would never imagine and that something will make the girl hate me, despise me, and wished that I burn in hell. And the very relationship that I've tried to build up will crumble into bits and may never be built again. I'm too tired of trying to trust someone especially someone you trusted for 4 years. Damn those 4 years wasn't enough for you to have a conscience? Ok, if anyone is reading this post and might be confused on what the hell am I saying, don't worry, this is what we call a rant, a post to express one's anger, one's emotion. I need to do this becuase I can't stand the fact that he's ok with her but she's not ok with me, even though it's his 'ucking fault anyway. Well, I hope your happy now that The very person I love hates me and doesn't trust me anymore, thanks to you friend!

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