Monday, August 21, 2006

Orgasm Game For the DS?

Heather Kelley, a designer for Ubisoft has developed a prototype game for the Nintendo DS that teaches players how to achieve an orgasm.

The game involves tickling, touching, tapping, and stroking a cartoon bunny named “Lapis” until she is so stimulated that she flies into the air. Players can also talk, sing, and blow onto the bunny’s fir using the built in microphone.

Kelley noted that she wants to help women take a “magical pet adventure'’ to their “happy place.'’

It appears that this title is targeted directly at female gamers, but my guess is that it will be better suited for a male audience. After all, if you are an avid DS gamer, chances are that you are around 10 years old - in which case it is never to early to start the learning process. On the other hand, if your are an adult you probably have some serious catching up to do.

Click here to play a demo of the game.

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