Friday, September 29, 2006

[R-18]High Definition Porn

Are you tired of roughing up the suspect to some grainy porn on your PC?

Fear not, once again technology has caught up with porn, or maybe porn has caught up with technology – either way there are some new sites out there that are broadcasting in full HD (high definition) quality and, let me tell you – YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

try this site for a sample

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I know that HD XXX is the way of the future

Milenyo Pwned Metro Manila

On September 28, Milenyo swept Metro Manila with its devastating winds

Metro Manila was on signal number 3 yesterday as Typhoon Milenyo ravages the whole city. The only typhoon that directly passed through Metro Manila since typhoon Rosing last 1995, it left an Armageddon of pulled down trees, destroyed billboards and roofless houses. It disabled the whole power supply by destroying key power sources and left the whole Luzon on a blackout. The death toll in the whole country reached 30 by 03:40pm Manila time and hundreds missing as the whole country suffered pure pwnage from Milenyo. Currently, Milenyo has left our area of responsibility and left destruction and death.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tokyo Girls Collection, BoA owns the Runway!

Yoyogi Sports Stadium Gymnasium heralded the 2006 Tokyo Girls Collection on 3 September, 2006.

Hosted by the comedy duo of Shinagawa Shoji and actress/spokeswoman, Nakayama Emily, the Tokyo Girls Collection displayed ladies autumn and winter fashion from popular Japanese labels such as JAYRO, Kai Lani, HbG, and Alba Rose. Encompassing 7 hours, the TGC spared no expense in bringing out top Japanese models/celebrities such as Ebihara Yuri, Oshikiri Moe, and Yamada Yu. Joined by an army of 20 well-known local models, the ladies strutted their fashions across a 200ft long light-up runway.

Aside from crowning a new Miss Tokyo Girls Collection, this event also acted as a concert venue. Between sets of fashion displays, popular artists ayaka, Sowelu, and BoA were selected to be featured performers for Sunday’s event. Of course, BoA was given top billing and saved for the end of the night to send the audience home happy. Popular personalities such as Tsuchiyana Anna and comedians Shizuchan from Nankai Candies and Yakkun also made surprise appearances.

As the night drew to a close, the stage darkened and a hush fell over the crowd. Images of flames splashed the 30ft high mesh screen at the back of the stage as the melody of Valenti filled Yoyogi Stadium. BoA took the stage dressed in a light and flowing turquoise blue one-piece wearing blue jean shorts underneath and her patented white boots. Following the trend she set at a-Nation, BoA came out with corn-rows to keep her hair in check as she danced passionately across the stage.

That night, aside from being accompanied by her 4 male and 4 female dancers, BoA had a full band backing all of her music. Once Valenti hit it’s last note, BoA went straight into a performance of Shine We Are. After completing Shine We Are, BoA strutted down to the middle of the runway to have a chat with some of the fans. She stated that she was extremely excited to be a part of this event because she’s a huge fashion fan. She also wished to switch gears and chance the pace for us all by singing a ballad, Everlasting.

BoA talked with the fans a little more and gave recognition some fans in the back holding up posters to promote her new single. Key of Heart, which she performed next. Without a sprained ankle holding her back, BoA unleashed powerful dance moves without missing a single note in the song. Having rejuvenated an audience that was drained from six hours of sitting, BoA sent the audience off with two more upbeat songs; Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~ and QUINCY.

As soon as BoA bid a fond farewell to her adoring audience, the majority of people in attendance left Yoyogi Stadium before the TGC concluded with their Grand Finale. It was obvious who this night belonged to.

For more information on the Tokyo Girls Collection, please visit their site: 東京ガールズコレクション

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sexy Sponge

Ok, talk about creative advertising

Why can't we have this on our local advertisements?

Resident Evil: Inappropriate Touching

An easter egg in Resident Evil on Nintendo DS

A very good reason to buy a DS lawl

Stripping a Nintendo DS lite

I saw again on YouTube this time a video of a Nintendo DS lite being stripped

Here is the video

Stripping a Nintendo DS

I saw again on YouTube this time a video of a Nintendo DS being stripped

See it to believe it

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Me: Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

The idea is simple, the result is stunning.

On November 1, 2001, artist Ahree Lee began taking daily digital snapshots of her own face; and she has continued this project every day since. In 2004, Lee compiled all of her daily images into a montage with a wistful musical score. In the fast-paced parade of images you're about to see, each second of screen time represents about one week's worth of pictures.

See the full 3-minute video here

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stripping a PSP

I saw a video on YouTube about a PSP being stripped and a modification was installed

See for yourselves

This is way cool..

Jesus is L33t

I stumbled upon a picture of Jesus wherein people edited the picture and insrted some leet speak. Blasphemy? Cool I say!


All Vista Versions on One DVD

Microsoft is going to include all versions of their new Vista OS on one DVD.

Now why should you care about this feature that they call Windows Anytime Upgrade? Simply because if you want to upgrade all you need to do is purchase a new product key. No need to get a copy of the new version, you already have it. And why would Microsoft want to do this? I would say there are two compelling reasons. Number one, they will drastically cut their costs. One DVD for every Vista user. Now worry about what version they had, that is all controlled by the product key. Number two, the ease with which you can upgrade may entice more users to upgrade, increasing their profit again.

The only downside? That is if hackers find a way to access the different versions without purchasing the upgraded product key. Now Microsoft says the the security in Vista is robust enough to counter that, but I have seen plenty of applications be hacked after being told that they were designed to be immune to hacking. Never underestimate the ingenuity of those looking to break in, whether for profit or just as a challenge.

Source: ZDnet UK

Girl gamers want respect in virtual man's world

In professional competitions and vast online communities, groups of female gamers are demanding respect from game makers and challenging the assumption that video games are the domain of geeky boys in dark basements.

Four years ago, avid gamers Amber Dalton, 30, and her twin sister, Amy Brady, had never come across another woman during their hours of playing games online and at gaming parties.

Today, after walking away from a six-figure corporate job, Dalton runs an online community of nearly 600 female gamers called the PMS Clan. Brady, meanwhile, is a professional gamer and member of the Ubisoft-created all-women gaming team, the Frag Dolls, under the handle Valkyrie.

Through tournaments and their presence on the Internet, the PMS Clan, Frag Dolls and other teams like the Girlz of Destruction have raised the profile of women gamers, who make up 20 percent of the hard-core gamer demographic, according to market research firm The NPD group.

PMS' professional team and Girlz of Destruction have also grabbed the attention of corporate sponsors Verizon Communications Inc. and VIA Technologies Inc., which help them make a living as pro gamers.

But what has made the PMS Clan a success among women, according to Dalton, is that unlike other groups, PMS focused on building a community rather than seeking out pro gamers. The group laid down a code of conduct for its members that barred players from making negative comments about one another and encouraged everyone to play regardless of their skill level.

"We didn't do things the way a lot of the kids had done it previously," Dalton said in an interview. "When women are having that fun environment to play in, where they are encouraged, they play more."

That's not to say that members of PMS and other gaming teams aren't competitive. PMS members are required to practice eight hours a week and their teams finished in the top eight in a major "Halo 2" tournament last year.

The Frag Dolls have also placed in the top eight in two "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" tournaments.

Both games fall under the first-person shooter category, a genre of violent games typically marketed to players fueled on testosterone rather than estrogen.

"These women aren't slouches. They are obviously very talented," said Phaedra Boinodiris, who runs, a Web site about women and gaming.


Competition aside, however, the common refrain among women gamer groups is that they aim to promote female gamers of all types and grab the attention of game makers who traditionally have focused on creating games for men.

"There are a lot more women who do play, so it's really a matter of the industry marketing to them," said Morgan Romine, 25, a Frag Doll and an online marketing manager at Ubisoft who goes by the game handle Rhoulette.

So far, getting attention hasn't been a challenge for groups like the Frag Dolls, who were recruited by Ubisoft two years ago to help promote its games.

"Girl gamers tend to get a lot of attention because we tend to be the minority," Romine said. "By virtue of being a novelty we usually got a bit of attention."

At the same time, however, the Frag Dolls have been criticized by some in the industry for reinforcing sexual stereotypes because their members are all young and pretty.

But Romine and others said those criticisms simply reinforce the prevailing notion that women who play video games can't be feminine.

"People have a stereotype that gamers in general are ugly and huge and have glasses. It's not how it is anymore," said Louise Thomsen, 26, a member of the Scandinavian team Les Seules. Her game handle is AurorA.

Les Seules -- French for "The Only Ones" but in English they call themselves "The Outsiders" -- has parlayed its success on the European "Counter-Strike" tournament circuit and its team members' good looks into a planned reality television show.

Founder Sofi Bystrom, 22, whose handle is Sophie, said the team is hoping the show will help them pick up corporate sponsors who would be able to help pay for trips to tournaments.

As Les Seules, the Frag Dolls and others know, for women trying to stand out in an industry dominated by men, being cute is a useful way to get noticed.

"Let's not get away from the power of the boob factor," said Dalton.


Friday, September 22, 2006

PSP Camera and GPS

PSP Vault is reporting Sony has finally released some solid information about its two upcoming PSP peripherals - the camera and GPS add-on.

According to the site, the PSP camera will be released in Japan Nov. 2 for 5,000 Yen (roughly $43) and will have 480x272 resolution for videos and 640x480 resolution for photos. In addition, it will be able to record 15 seconds of video and will be bundled with Chotto Shot photo software.Using AdHoc, you'll be able to transmit videos to other PSP owners. Movies recorded using Chotto Shot can be exported to AVI for viewing on your PC.

The GPS add-on will be released in Japan Dec. 7 for 6000 Yen (about $51) and will include Navigation software. Also, it the following games will have GPS support: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, HomeStar Portable, and Everybody's Golf.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tickle Me Elmo…To the Extreme!

Today Fisher price took the wraps off the top secret T.M.X. Elmo project (the X stands for extreme) in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the original “Tickle Me Elmo” release.

Sufficed to say, Elmo’s movements are a cut above where they were a decade ago. Now the laughing has Elmo slapping his knee, falling to the floor, kicking, rolling over and pounding his arm.

Like it’s predecessor, TMX Elmo looks to be the hot seller of this holiday season. The toy will retail for $39.99 and pre-orders are going fast.

If you end up having to purchase one of these for your child, you have my deepest sympathy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (クライシス コア ファイナルファンタジーVII Kuraishisu Koa Fainaru Fantajī Sebun) is an action role-playing game being developed by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. The game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and is also the fourth entry to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, which also includes the games Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, as well as the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the anime, Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. Production is being overseen by Yoshinori Kitase, the director of the original Final Fantasy VII, with Hajime Tabata serving as director. Tetsuya Nomura will be responsible for the character designs.

Very little information about the game has been released (initially announced to be released last August) as of now except that it will be on the PSP. The game will mainly focus around Zack, a 1st Class SOLDIER and Cloud Strife while he is a lowly Shin-Ra Guard. Another character also present in the game is Aeris Gainsborough as her voice is heard in the trailer of the game. This game appears to take place around the events of Nibelheim outlined in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII.

The game's tagline: "A story of three young men and one young woman bound for destiny's core."

Developer: Square-Enix
Publisher: Square-Enix

* Yoshinori Kitase (producer)
Hajime Tabata (director)
Takeharu Ishimoto (composer)
Tetsuya Nomura (art design)

US Release date: TBA
Genre: Action role-playing game
Mode: Single player
Rating: ESRB: Rating Pending (RP)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Microsoft Releases First Vista Ready Keyboard

A new operating system means new navigation options - and new navigation options means building better peripherals. That’s just what Microsoft has done with the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000.

Features (Keyboard):
  • Rechargeable
  • Backlit keys
  • 2.4GHz Bluetooth
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Battery Status Indicator

Features (Mouse):

  • 4-Way Scrolling
  • High Definition Laser Technology
  • Magnifier Button
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish

The Entertainment Desktop 8000 will set you back $250 for the premium version, or $150 for a version without the metallic trim. The keyboard does look great - but are keyboard aesthetics worth an extra $100?

Source: Microsoft

Wii Out in November

Being Released Two Days Before PS3

The war of the next generation gaming consoles are heating up once again. Nintendo announced on Thursday that its Wii game console will go on sale in the US on this coming November 19. The suggested sticker price for the Nintendo Wii is US$250, far below the Xbox 360, which sells between US$300 to US$360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3 that comes in US$500 and US $600 models.

The Wii’s on time delivery only highlights Sony’s woes. Nintendo will release 4 million units by the end of the year. Sony has cut its release numbers of the PS3 in half this year, only releasing a total of 2 million units.

In an unusual move by a Japanese company, Nintendo plans to release the Wii in Japan two weeks after the US release. Nintendo says this move is not meant to undermine Sony, but because the holiday shopping season starts earlier in the US than it does in Japan.

The Wii succeeds the GameCube, the third best selling console behind the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. Nintendo almost had the market to itself in the late 80s and early 90s, with its main competitor being the now game-only maker Sega. During Nintendo’s domination, Sony and Microsoft were not producing gaming consoles at all.

The Wii will actually fall short in the battle of the tech specs. The Wii will not be high-definition capable, and its resolution is only slightly more advanced than a regular TV. Its power shortage is seen as the biggest gamble that Nintendo is making against its higher end rivals.

Nintendo is hoping that their new wand controller, its big price difference, as well as its stable of Nintendo only titles will attract a significant portion of the market to its console. Nintendo believes that most of the market have not yet adapted high-definition TVs, so being high-definition capable is not a major factor in buying a new console.

Like the other next-gen consoles, the Wii will have Internet capabilities. The standard model can adopt an existing wireless network in the home, or a separate wired connection is available as an accessory. Older Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong can be purchased online with the Wii for as little as US$5 to US$10.

Nintendo does have plans to provide games that allow players to connect to other players online, but none of the 30 or so launch titles feature online play.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event Set for September 22 - 24

Guild Wars Nightfall to Debut in Free Global Event Open to the Entire World! Millions of Guild Wars Players not the Only Ones Invited to the Big Event!

September 12, 2006 (BELLEVUE, WA) – Announced today by ArenaNet®, developer of the wildly-popular franchise Guild Wars®, the studio’s latest game Guild Wars Nightfall™ will make its debut in a massive event open to anyone and everyone who would like to play. The event will take place September 22, 2006, beginning at 12:01am PDT and running through September 24, 2006 at 11:59pm PDT.

The Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event will feature previews of the new environments, new missions, and new battle arenas. The event will allow players to create Nightfall-specific characters from the six core professions as well as the two new Nightfall™ professions, the Dervish and the Paragon, and try out new Nightfall skills. The entire Istani province of the new realm Elona will be open for player exploration, and players will be able to view the first Nightfall in-game cinematics. In addition, two new arenas will make their debut, the Sunspear Arena and Churranu Island.

For an added bonus, the November 2006 issue of PC Gamer magazine, due in stores a week before the event, boasts a Guild Wars Nightfall cover story, and includes an access key for an exclusive, in-game, Gray Giant miniature. The Gray Giant will be useable during the World Preview Event, and then may be reactivated with a Guild Wars Nightfall account upon release.

The Guild Wars live events are world-renowned, drawing players in unprecedented numbers who log millions of gameplay hours. The Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event is expected to exceed prior Guild Wars beta records as eager fans await their first taste of one of the year’s most-anticipated games, and ArenaNet is preparing to handle the flux of participants on its servers.

Guild Wars, an instant bestseller worldwide upon its release in April 2005, and Guild Wars Factions, the number one game in both North America and Europe earlier this year, are global online roleplaying games. Guild Wars Nightfall continues the tradition of inviting players to immerse themselves in an epic storyline centered in a vibrant fantasy setting. Eager fans can get the Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack in stores on September 15, and the Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition and Guild Wars Nightfall Collector’s Edition on October 27, 2006.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nagka himala ngayon

Wish sometimes come true

Kanina nga pala nag party kami dito sa bahay kasi birthday ko ata eh. Tapos ayun, nagpunta si Vane, Shane, Tristan, Jake, Ihan, Tj, Mam Julie HR, Mam Gem at si Paul, ayun kwentuhan to the max. Hindi man siya nakapunta ay nakausap ko naman siya sa phone, ok na yun, kuntento na ako dun.Mamaya post ko pics at vids, tulog na ako, takte pasukan na pala bukas hehehe. 8am pa ako...


Sana magkahimala ngayong araw na ito..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

There Philippines

A new MMOG hits our local shores, and this time, it's friendster with visual!

Groovenet Philippines are distributing locally the game There. A MMOG that less violence and more interaction. Everything that you can do in real life can be done here (dunno if you can actually have sex here, haven't tried it) Meet friends, Meet enemies blah blah blah. The good thing is, there is no game time fee but you need to buy therebucks (online money) to purchase things, like in real life. The peso-tbucks exchange rate is fixed at P1-10T (One peso is equal to ten therebucks). You can register at the Groovenet website. You can see me online with my avatar Siopy

Here are some screenies:

See you There!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Naruto Filler really going to end?

Dattebayo, the leading fansub of Naruto relased a special episode containing a commentary regarding the fillers of Naruto. It is revealed that Naruto fillers will finally end on September 20, 2006. Is this for real or just another hoax?

see image for details:

Microsoft High School Opens

Three years ago, the city of Philadelphia came to Microsoft and asked them to design a school. What they got was a “school of the future"

The $63 million dollar facility will eventually enroll up to 750 students. A class of 170 low-income students currently fills up the freshman ranks.

Here is some interesting information about how the school functions:

  • Classes start at 9:15 a.m. and end at 4:19 p.m., simulating the typical work day.
  • Students use smart cards to register attendance, open their digital lockers and track calories they consume.
  • Students carry laptops, not books.
  • Teachers use “smart boards” that allow the user to zoom in or out, write, and link directly to the internet.
  • The library has been replaced by an interactive learning center that contains only digital information.
  • The cafeteria has been replaced with a food court complete with restaurant style seating.
  • The school will use an “education competency wheel,” based on the desirable traits Microsoft encourages among its employees.
  • Students have scheduled appointments with teachers instead of structured classes.
  • Students laptops feature software that determines whether they are picking up the material or whether they need remedial help.
  • Lessons focus heavily on current events to teach important subjects.
  • And last but not least - students must apply to college to receive a diploma.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

I can't decide dammit

What would you choose?

Ok, I wanted to buy a Nintendo DS lite and also a brand new cellphone, 6630 from Nokia

A Nintendo DS lite would cost me umm:

ds lite = 7,500 + sc lite = 2,600 + passcard = 1,300 + micro sd(512mb) = 1,350

Total cost = P12,750

from Celtex Greenhills

A Nokia 6630 would cost me around P11,800

from 5th Ave. SM North

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back 2 Back Movie

Watched 2 movies today, You are the One and The Devil wears Prada

You are the one

Local film about love, using someone for your own selfish goals, love, looking for lost relatives, love, sexy outfits, love, pigs, oh did I mention love? If you are definitely in love or you like Sam Milby or Toni Gonzaga and you should see this movie.

Official Website

The Devil wears Prada

Foreign movie about fashion, jobs, how to handle bosses, balance between career and life, how to handle the pressure of work. I really can relate to this movie (no, not the fashion sense). Your boss wanted you to die and you just can't quit, pride perhaps or commitment to your profession?

Official Website