Sunday, September 24, 2006

All Vista Versions on One DVD

Microsoft is going to include all versions of their new Vista OS on one DVD.

Now why should you care about this feature that they call Windows Anytime Upgrade? Simply because if you want to upgrade all you need to do is purchase a new product key. No need to get a copy of the new version, you already have it. And why would Microsoft want to do this? I would say there are two compelling reasons. Number one, they will drastically cut their costs. One DVD for every Vista user. Now worry about what version they had, that is all controlled by the product key. Number two, the ease with which you can upgrade may entice more users to upgrade, increasing their profit again.

The only downside? That is if hackers find a way to access the different versions without purchasing the upgraded product key. Now Microsoft says the the security in Vista is robust enough to counter that, but I have seen plenty of applications be hacked after being told that they were designed to be immune to hacking. Never underestimate the ingenuity of those looking to break in, whether for profit or just as a challenge.

Source: ZDnet UK

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