Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tokyo Girls Collection, BoA owns the Runway!

Yoyogi Sports Stadium Gymnasium heralded the 2006 Tokyo Girls Collection on 3 September, 2006.

Hosted by the comedy duo of Shinagawa Shoji and actress/spokeswoman, Nakayama Emily, the Tokyo Girls Collection displayed ladies autumn and winter fashion from popular Japanese labels such as JAYRO, Kai Lani, HbG, and Alba Rose. Encompassing 7 hours, the TGC spared no expense in bringing out top Japanese models/celebrities such as Ebihara Yuri, Oshikiri Moe, and Yamada Yu. Joined by an army of 20 well-known local models, the ladies strutted their fashions across a 200ft long light-up runway.

Aside from crowning a new Miss Tokyo Girls Collection, this event also acted as a concert venue. Between sets of fashion displays, popular artists ayaka, Sowelu, and BoA were selected to be featured performers for Sunday’s event. Of course, BoA was given top billing and saved for the end of the night to send the audience home happy. Popular personalities such as Tsuchiyana Anna and comedians Shizuchan from Nankai Candies and Yakkun also made surprise appearances.

As the night drew to a close, the stage darkened and a hush fell over the crowd. Images of flames splashed the 30ft high mesh screen at the back of the stage as the melody of Valenti filled Yoyogi Stadium. BoA took the stage dressed in a light and flowing turquoise blue one-piece wearing blue jean shorts underneath and her patented white boots. Following the trend she set at a-Nation, BoA came out with corn-rows to keep her hair in check as she danced passionately across the stage.

That night, aside from being accompanied by her 4 male and 4 female dancers, BoA had a full band backing all of her music. Once Valenti hit it’s last note, BoA went straight into a performance of Shine We Are. After completing Shine We Are, BoA strutted down to the middle of the runway to have a chat with some of the fans. She stated that she was extremely excited to be a part of this event because she’s a huge fashion fan. She also wished to switch gears and chance the pace for us all by singing a ballad, Everlasting.

BoA talked with the fans a little more and gave recognition some fans in the back holding up posters to promote her new single. Key of Heart, which she performed next. Without a sprained ankle holding her back, BoA unleashed powerful dance moves without missing a single note in the song. Having rejuvenated an audience that was drained from six hours of sitting, BoA sent the audience off with two more upbeat songs; Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~ and QUINCY.

As soon as BoA bid a fond farewell to her adoring audience, the majority of people in attendance left Yoyogi Stadium before the TGC concluded with their Grand Finale. It was obvious who this night belonged to.

For more information on the Tokyo Girls Collection, please visit their site: 東京ガールズコレクション

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