Sunday, October 29, 2006

World of Warcraft TCG

Zy'lah Manslayer card artwork

Believe it!

Created by Upper Deck (creators of NBA collectible cards). This TCG or Trading Card Game pits players on the Warcraft Universe and experience Warcraft like no other. Better save up some money for this.

Source: World of Warcraft TCG

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

RP team suffers disappointing first-round exit in Monza

The Philippine team suffered a disappointing first-round exit at the ongoing World Cyber Games in Monza, Italy.

Team members playing for CounterStrike, Need for Speed, StarCraft, WarCraft, and PangYa, a special event, were not able to advance in the second round after suffering defeats from foreign rivals.
NSF player Israel Magante came closest to clinching a second round berth, only to fall behind Austria in his bracket.
Magante, the Philippines' lone bet in the Need for Speed or NFS tournament at the WCG, sported a 4-2 record, putting him in triple-tie for second place with Chinese Taipei and Austria.
But because Austria defeated both Magante and the Chinese Taipei player previously, the Austrian player automatically advanced.
In the early going, Magante, who uses the code-name 'Rottrider,' was able to handle his first assignment--against Croatia- with relative ease, only to lose against South Korea in his next match.
However, the ACSAT student coolly recovered his bearings and out-hustled rivals from Italy, Chinese-Taipei, and Turkmenistan in consecutive matches
The loss to Austria however proved critical, as the judges had to go to the individual win-loss record to break the triple-tie.
The strong finish for Magante would have ensured that the Philippines will not be among the countries to fail to advance to the second round of competitions.
Team members for the other events meanwhile failed to live up to expectations, particularly the Philippines' CounterStrike team.
The Horsemen of Apocalypse or HoA, the country's CounterStrike team, suffered a disappointing first-round exit, after dropping three consecutive matches.
The HoA bowed out of contention after suffering consecutive losses against teams from Mexico, Taiwan, and Poland.
As of this update, the team still has one game left against Brazil, but a win-or a loss-will have no bearing on the team's overall standings.
WCG organizers and gamers in the Philippines expect HoA to fare better this year, after a remarkable performance in last year's WCG in Singapore .
The team breezed through the first round in WCG 2005, and entered the WCG's single round eliminations for the first time.
What made the run remarkable was that the Philippine team bested powerhouse Finland, which was expected to finish in the Top 3.
The matches for this year's WCG however proved to be more difficult.
Organizers admitted that the Philippines will face tougher competitions in Monza because an increasing number of countries are now fielding in teams made up of professional gamers.
HoA team leader Kris Romillo affirmed this, saying that the team faces a 'very difficult' bracket for this year, with powerhouses Poland and Brazil , bundled in one bracket.
The Philippine team playing for PangYa, a special tournament in the WCG, meanwhile also failed to advance, after losing to more experienced Japanese and South Korean players.
Team members disclosed that aside from experience, Japanese and South Korean players have the advantage of playing with the latest version of PangYa, which was used as the official game in the special tournament.

Written by: JOEL D. PINAROC

PSP Bricker being spread

The PSP "scene" never sleeps, whether it is in anticipation of a new downgrader or an exploit, we are always awake and ready for the next "thing". However, one thing we are not ready for are PSP brickers. These are programs that are disguised as a simple homebrew application, but in reality it deletes necessary files for your PSP's survival.

This is something that we do not take lightly in the scene as many have fallen victim to these disguised homebrew games, even one of our members and the first to report the bricker - CatfishD. Now, any of those referring to the victims of this "crime against humanity" as noobs, I wouldn't be so fast to type that. The only way test for a bricker is to use a program that will identify it if it writes to flash. With all the homebrew being released and tested everyday, this has not become a daily practice.

You can download the PSP "virus" scanner below with the download link if you want to be more cautious with your homebrew. The program was created by Dark Killer about a year ago for earlier brickers, but the methods of bricking have stayed the same - so it still works!

You can test for these "brickers" by using a simple program, or you could wait for someone to report it in our forums as was the case yesterday. Mathieulh and Jas0nuk also took the time to inform everyone how this particular bricker works (you can read all about it here).

What to look for -

1. The most recent bricker has been concealed with the folder names (KXploited form) of SDL-TEST-5 and SDL-TEST-5%
2. The file size is around 75kb, the % folder containing a 65kb eboot
3. Use Dark Killer's PSafeP program, of which can be discussed and downloaded below (newly upload from old download site!)
4. Do not use any programs that you have not seen come from a reliable source. Best source is of course, PSPUpdates!

Download PSafeP v1.2

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paradise Resort

The CCS Faculty went to Paradise Resort thanks to Mikki Gaanan

It was a memorable experience for the whole faculty as we celbrate the birthday of Michael Gaanan, co-faculty and dota buddy. Friends and relatives flock the resort as we enjoyed the sumptuous food, the chilling pool and the serene environment. A truth or dare game and a "pinoy henyo" heightens the mood as faculty members bond together as one family.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Windows and Linux on the Sony PSP

Believe it or not, you can run your favorite operating system on your PSP.

Matan Gillon successfully ported Windows 95 into his PSP by using the x86 emulator Bochs. He also tested DLX Linux and it runs well as he said. Check this link for complete details and how to run it on your own.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Certified Pinoy DS Lite owner

A gadget after another. I am now a proud owner of a polar white Nintendo DS lite.

October 15, 2006. Once again, another milestone. I bought a DS lite today and a super card lite to play downloaded NDS roms. Portable gaming is pure ownage!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Faculty United as One

CCS Faculty Batch 2006-2007

AMA Computer University has a faculty which is like a one big happy family

College of Computer Studies Department possesses not only the brightest minds in Computer Science but also the most loving and caring individuals you rarely see on an office environment. Instructors from past to present loved each other like family thus emulating a healthy environment that even I begun to love. I wish our faculty will never change. Love and Peace.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google acquired YouTube

The number one online video community YouTube has been bought by Google

Making official what has been rumored, and quite accurately, Google announced that it has purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock.

Youtube will maintain its current offices and all employees will retain their jobs. All 67 of them that is. I have to assume that they may see some windfall out of this.

They plan to incorporate YouTube with their online advertising. Unclear exactly how they plan to do that, but YouTube certainly lends itself to a number of creative uses.

And here is the official statement of the two founders of YouTube, Steve and Chad

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Trojan sucks life from PSPs

A new Trojan horse claims to help make PlayStation Portable run homegrown software, but instead the malicious code turns Sony's game player into a useless "brick."

The malicious program, which Symantec has labeled "Trojan.PSPBrick," is aimed at a crowd of "modders," or people who seek to hack the portable device so that it can run custom code and official game cartridges.

The new Trojan claims to be software that can roll back a Sony upgrade that has made the device harder to hack. When people install it, the malicious software actually deletes key files and renders the PSP inoperable.

"Basically the (PSP) is completely inoperable, and you've lost your device," said Eric Chien, the principal software engineer at Symantec Security Response. "It's called 'bricking.'"

However, Chien said the program is not likely to affect a wide audience, because most PSP owners aren't looking to alter their machines.

"The types of people who would be affected wouldn't be everyone who has gotten the PSP," he said. "It would be affecting the people who are trying to 'mod,' or update, their devices."

The PSP went on sale in March, with most people snapping it up for its gaming or music- and movie-playing abilities, not to see if they can run Linux. Sony also added Web-surfing capabilities in August.

Still, while the numbers of people likely to be hit are low, the cost is high, Chien said.

"There's definitely people who have run it and are something on the order of $300 poorer now," he said. It's also an indication, Chien said, that virus writers are looking beyond the PC.

"People are writing malicious code for all kinds of devices," he said.

A Sony representative was not immediately available for comment. The company has said that running homebrew code will void the PSP's warranty.

Source: ZDnet

19 Ways to Keep a Girl

[She won't trust you if you do & it'll be awkward]

2. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other.
[She always gets butterflies when you do it; it makes her feel like you want her]

3. When standing, wrap your arms around her.
[It makes her feel like you really love her.]

4. Cuddle with her.
[She'll feel like your there for her]

5. Hug her from behind
[It makes her feel special]

6. Write little notes.
[She smiles. One of girls favorite things to recieve. They're cute; The end]

7. Compliment her Honestly.
[No girl likes a liar and no girl likes a person who lies about it when you compliment her]

8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
[It makes her feel wanted]

9. Be super sweet to her. = )
[All girls like a super sweet guy]

10. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
[She'll go to bed with a smile]

11. Comfort her when she cries.
[She'll feel like you'll ALWAYS be there for her]

12.Wipe away her tears
[It'll show you'll always be there]

13. Love her with all your heart.
[Not with your brain... or your .....dick...or *at least dont tell you you love her when you really dont*]

14. flirt with her

15. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her).
[Every girl loves a guy who is a gentleman]

16. DON'T let your friends talk trash about her, it'll get back 2 her
[& it'll make her feel like you aren't really there for her]

17. Take her for a long walk at night!
[She just wants to be alone. & that's not always bad. The world can be annoying sometimes & you just need to be alone.]

18. When it's cold outside hold her close
[You want her to be happy & she's happy in your arms]

19. Draw on or rub her back as she is tryin to rest or sleep
[This just feels good!]

Friday, October 06, 2006

World’s Smallest Mobile Phone

When it comes to cellphones it appears that manufacturers are not going to be satisfied until phones are so slim that you can wield them as a knife, or so small that they become a choking hazard

China’s Xun Chi 138 cellphone definitely qualifies as the latter.

The phone is only 67mm tall (55g in weight), but features color touch screen, handwriting recognition, 1.3MP camera, MP3 player, USB and SD card slot.

Source: Phone Daily

Microsoft's Vista to cripple pirated software

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Microsoft confirmed that its soon-to-be-released Vista operation system was designed to cripple pirated copies.

A beefed-up "Software Protection Platform" partially disabled illegitimately obtained Windows Vista or Windows Server "Longhorn" programs, according to the Redmond, Washington, software giant.

The anti-piracy feature switched unauthorized copies to a "reduced functionality mode" and routed users to a website explaining the situation and how to remedy it, most likely by paying for the software.

"Microsoft anti-piracy technologies cannot and will not turn off your computer," Cori Hartje, director of the company's Genuine Software Initiative, explained in a release.

"Reduced functionality mode in Windows Vista will allow the user to use the browser."

The Vista security feature was a more disabling version of one on the operating system's predecessor,
Windows XP, according to Microsoft.

When the anti-piracy software spies illegitimate copies of Vista or Longhorn it alters them to a "non-genuine state" that requires the user to reactivate the program.

"At no point will a user lose access to his or her personal data based on the genuine program, nor is personal data ever transferred to Microsoft," the company said.

"However, it will be obvious to a user, and anyone else viewing the PC, that the PC experience is not equivalent to that of a user running a genuine copy of Windows Vista."

Vista's release had been delayed while engineers tuned the software and it was on track to be released early next year.

Microsoft estimated that one in five copies of its Windows software on computers worldwide was stolen, unlicensed or counterfeit. Windows programs run approximately 90 percent of computers.

The Business Software Alliance reported in May that 35 percent of computer software used worldwide was pirated. The alliance estimated the value of the illicit software at more than 35 billion dollars.

Source: Yahoo News

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wicked Wednesday

Been hanging with my friends all day.

A regular Dota session was held on the computer shop outside the school. Don't worry, we don't have any classes and we just wanted to relax. Ok, the line-up is as follows:

The Sentinel

spawn - Alchemist
pol - Dwarven Sniper

The Scourge

Siopy - Goblin Tinker
jakejake - Sand king
oist!! - Venomancer

Allpick/No powerups

I know that The Sentinel is one man short, but jakejake is just a newbie. Anyways, the game started with a quick battle on the middle lane, tinker pwned dwarven for the first blood. The Scourge are on a push as alchemist desperately defend their tower, but the game is in favor of the scourge. Too bad the game did not concluded because of power failure.

After the game, we waited for 8pm so we can all go to SM North. Me together with Mam Vange, Mam Shane, Sir Jake, Sir TJ and Sir Ihan (with a student who's name is omitted due to some reasons). It was a food trip because Jake,TJ, the student and Myself ordered a large pizza EACH. Eating can never be this good.



BTW, We went also to SM last Monday. Here are the pics:



Wii Global launch: Nov. 19

30 New Games, 30 Retro Titles, User-Friendly 'Channels' Make it the Affordable System for Gamers, Newcomers and Families

Nintendo will reshape the home entertainment and video game landscape with the launch of its heralded Wii™ home video game console. The Americas will lead the worldwide launch on Nov. 19. Wii will be sold as an affordable, mass-consumer product at an MSRP of just $249.99. The price includes one wireless Wii Remote controller, one Nunchuk™ controller and the groundbreaking collection of five different Wii Sports games on one disc, which anyone can play using simple movements, experienced or not.

Every Wii console includes another distinctive feature: a series of on-screen “channels” that make up the Wii Channel Menu, which makes the console approachable and customizable for everyone, from the most avid gamer to people who have never played before. The Wii Channel Menu is the starting point for all of the console’s functions. The “channels” offer a gateway to a rich variety of entertainment options. When connected to a TV, the Wii Channel Menu offers a simple interface, letting users pick games to play, get news or weather, view and send photos or even create playable caricatures of themselves to use in actual games. Additional functions allow users to redeem Wii Points and download classic games to Wii’s Virtual Console™. The variety of options available through the Wii Channel Menu motivates both gamers and non-gamers to turn on Wii’s power every day.

Wii is creating worldwide excitement with its unique control system, an inventive, first-of-its-kind controller whose position can be detected in a 3-D space. The new controller allows users to pinpoint targets in games or move through the Wii Channel Menu with precision and ease. This intuitive control system will be understood immediately by everyone, regardless of their previous experience with video games. With this one small controller, Wii makes games both easier and more intense than anything previously experienced. For example, in the Wii Sports tennis game, players swing the Wii Remote like a racket to hit the ball, as in real life. They can add topspin or slice the ball just by angling their hands and wrist like they would in a real match.

“Wii reinvents games for the devoted player,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “But more importantly, Wii breaks the wall separating players from non-players by delivering the best game experiences for the most affordable price. We believe the next leap is games for the masses – young and old, gamer or non, alone, with a friend or with the whole family.”

Fils-Aime made his remarks in New York, shortly after Nintendo executives in Japan announced Wii will launch there on Dec. 2.

Between launch day and Dec. 31, Wii owners will enjoy a robust lineup of 30 software titles, with selections for everyone from video game veterans to newcomers. Some top Nintendo launch titles include Wii Sports, a compilation of tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing; The Legend of Zelda®: Twilight Princess; and EXCITE TRUCK™. While publishers are free to set their own prices for games, first-party Nintendo titles will have an MSRP of $49.99. Wii’s self-loading media bay also can play the entire library of more than 530 Nintendo GameCube™ titles from day one.

Third-party developers around the world have lined up to provide unprecedented support for Wii.

“I believe the Wii will attract new and casual gamers to the world of interactive entertainment,” says Larry Probst, Chairman and CEO, Electronic Arts. “It’s a fun, easy and economical system that will become a bridge to gaming for mainstream audiences. At EA, we are putting more support behind the Wii than any Nintendo hardware launch since the Super NES.”

“The Wii is changing audience interaction, opening up whole new experiences that have never been possible in video games,” says Robert Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc. “With the instinctual control of the Wii Remote, Nintendo is advancing the gaming experience to the broadest audience of gamers. Activision is excited about the launch of the Wii and the opportunity it offers. So much so, we plan to have five titles available at launch – our strongest lineup ever for a new console. We have more development resources devoted to the Wii than to any previous Nintendo platform. The Wii is likely to have a profound impact on the size, growth and overall opportunities for the video game market.”

“The Wii control scheme opens up unexplored areas for our talented teams to innovate when creating games,” says Laurent DeToc, President of Ubisoft North America. “It’s invigorating for us. We believe that it will help create a new level of interest in video games and engage more players around the world.”


Monday, October 02, 2006

Blogging for the masses

I read an article over the net that blogging are for leet people


Most of the bloggers I know doesn't even know what leet means. Anyway, here in the Philippines, blogging is way better than watching over-rated telenovelas, what a waste of airtime.

See the article here

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Guide in Playing ISO Games in PSP TA-082

Before, all PSP users who has a motherboard model TA-082 cannot enjoy homebrews due to the inability of downgrading their PSPs to firmware 1.5 (refresh your memory). But know, TA-082 users rejoice! There is a way to play ISO games and homebrews in your forsaken unit. Read on.

the files need before proceeding:

PSP 2.71 update us
PSP 2.71 update jp
homebrew enabler for 2.71(rev.B)
Devhook launcher for 2.71 port
1.50 US Dump
Devhook v0.46 ultimate installer v1.1.1

A)update your psp to 2.71 "2_71_US_firmware_update" or "2_71_JAP_firmware_update" with WinRAR
2.plug psp to computer then on psp screen go to "USB connection"
3.move EBOOT.PBP to memory stick "PSP/GAME/UPDATE" folder
(if u don't have the update folder make one)
4.then on the screen of your PSP go to "GAME" then "PSP update ver 2.71"
(click it whatelse,just follow the update instructions)
finish updating

B)moving "homebrew enabler for 2.71(rev.b)","Devhook launcher for 2.71 port","1.50 US Dump" to psp "henb2" with WinRAR (known as homebrew enabler for 2.71(rev.B))
2.plug psp to computer then on psp screen go to "USB connection"
3.move "src" to "memorystick" that means when u open ur memorystick
drive from computer(just drag it to that place),(if ask to overwrite,click yes) MS_ROOT and move "dh" and "PSP" to "memorystick" that means when u open ur memorystick drive from computer(just drag it to that place),(if ask to overwrite,click yes) "devlauncher271_2" (known as Devhook launcher for 2.71 port)
6.move "src" to "memorystick"
7.back to "devlauncher271_2" open "MS_ROOT" and move "dh","PSP" to "memorystick" (if ask to overwrite,click yes) "1_50_US_Firmware_Dump" (as in 1.50 US Dump)
9.move "flash0","flash1","reboot.bin" to memorystick(dh/150) make sure "reboot bin" is the folder.

C)moving "Devhook v0.46 ultimate installer v1.1.1" to psp

1.make a folder in desktop name anyname mines is "julia" "UI v1.1.1" aplication (known as Devhook v0.46 ultimate installer v1.1.1) "next" three times
4.choose (of course i agree with the terms!lets Get 'Er done!) and click next
5.install in to the folder "julia" that you made in desktop then click next the folder you made in desktop "julia" then open (dh/271),move all the file here to your "memorystick"(dh/271)

here is the last thing

1.create a folder in your "memorystick" that means when u open ur memorystick drive from computer create a folder called "iso" don't name it anything elses
2.put a game image into the ISO folder (example:guiltygearjudgement.iso) your psp screen go to PHOTO then HEN. will see that the whole screen will go blue or green within 2 to 3 secs after that your psp will auto restart
note:freezing of the psp will occur,it's normal.just keep on trying until you
see the whole screen turns blue or green after that your psp will auto restart but if it goes red then that means it did not write try to do it again. your psp screen go to game > memory stick > DEVHOOK0.4X launcher for 2.71 will be in devhook menu,now set the settings

umd select : for example:guiltygearjudgement then umd+image
firmware : 2.71
cpu clock : 222/111
boot select : reboot XMB

then click start in the menu.
now you will be in a different setting of 2.71(the background pic is blue)
ok now the final step hold "Home" and press L or R and you will see
that on the bottom of the screen something will pop out as
(ms0:/ISO/"the iso image name").put a UMD into your psp(any kind)
then go to "GAME then UMD(wait till a video of the game pops out).you will see
that it's not the UMD game that you put in the psp but it's the iso image game.
now press X and have fun

note that you need to boot "HEN" everytime you reboot your PSP.
if u want to use irshell,gameboots u have to use 1.5 fw
these all really work in my psp TA-082 2.50>2.60>2.71 GREAT
tell me if u want to use irshell or gameboots in your psp


Ghost Hunting

Kanina walang gaanong students ang pumasok sa school kaya napag isipan naming mag ghost hunting.

Unang pinuntahan namin ay ang EB building at sa 2nd floor pa lang ay nakakapanindig balahibo na. Pero ayon sa kasama naming sidekick..este psychic, wala siyang nararamdamang kakaiba. Sadyang napakadilim lang talaga wakokoko. Sumunod ay naglakad lakad kami patungong chapel. Sabi ni sidekick ay may nakikita siya sa nag iisang puno malapit sa chapel. Astig! Next naman sa gym, kaso walang mumu dun kundi mga dance troop lang na nag prapractice ng sayaw. Tapos sumunod ay sa CB building naman, ayan na! Luma na kasi ito kaya alam niyo na hehehe. Sa 2nd floor ay nakaramdam ang sidekick namin sa student's lounge, madami daw, kaya nag picture kami (paki click para lumaki)

Virgin (untouched):

Devirginized (contrast correction)

Pagkatapos ay umakyat kami sa 3rd floor at naglakad sa corridor, wala rin buwisst! Pero sa dulo, may cr ng babae! Pumasok kami sa madilim na cr at tumingin tingin. May nakasulat sa salamin! Figure ng isang babae! Ano kaya ibig sabhin nun? Aakyat pa sana kami hanggang 7th floor kaso sinarado na pala ung hagdan pataas. Last destination ay ang CC building. sa 4th floor o library ay may naramdaman ang aming sidekick. Pinatunayan namin yun dahil noon pa man na students pa kami ay nakakaramdam na kami sa library. May mga misteryong bumabalot sa school namin at nandito kami para alamin kung totoo nga ito o kathang isip lamang..OKATOKAT!