Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PSP Bricker being spread

The PSP "scene" never sleeps, whether it is in anticipation of a new downgrader or an exploit, we are always awake and ready for the next "thing". However, one thing we are not ready for are PSP brickers. These are programs that are disguised as a simple homebrew application, but in reality it deletes necessary files for your PSP's survival.

This is something that we do not take lightly in the scene as many have fallen victim to these disguised homebrew games, even one of our members and the first to report the bricker - CatfishD. Now, any of those referring to the victims of this "crime against humanity" as noobs, I wouldn't be so fast to type that. The only way test for a bricker is to use a program that will identify it if it writes to flash. With all the homebrew being released and tested everyday, this has not become a daily practice.

You can download the PSP "virus" scanner below with the download link if you want to be more cautious with your homebrew. The program was created by Dark Killer about a year ago for earlier brickers, but the methods of bricking have stayed the same - so it still works!

You can test for these "brickers" by using a simple program, or you could wait for someone to report it in our forums as was the case yesterday. Mathieulh and Jas0nuk also took the time to inform everyone how this particular bricker works (you can read all about it here).

What to look for -

1. The most recent bricker has been concealed with the folder names (KXploited form) of SDL-TEST-5 and SDL-TEST-5%
2. The file size is around 75kb, the % folder containing a 65kb eboot
3. Use Dark Killer's PSafeP program, of which can be discussed and downloaded below (newly upload from old download site!)
4. Do not use any programs that you have not seen come from a reliable source. Best source is of course, PSPUpdates!

Download PSafeP v1.2

Taken from QJ.net

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