Tuesday, October 24, 2006

RP team suffers disappointing first-round exit in Monza

The Philippine team suffered a disappointing first-round exit at the ongoing World Cyber Games in Monza, Italy.

Team members playing for CounterStrike, Need for Speed, StarCraft, WarCraft, and PangYa, a special event, were not able to advance in the second round after suffering defeats from foreign rivals.
NSF player Israel Magante came closest to clinching a second round berth, only to fall behind Austria in his bracket.
Magante, the Philippines' lone bet in the Need for Speed or NFS tournament at the WCG, sported a 4-2 record, putting him in triple-tie for second place with Chinese Taipei and Austria.
But because Austria defeated both Magante and the Chinese Taipei player previously, the Austrian player automatically advanced.
In the early going, Magante, who uses the code-name 'Rottrider,' was able to handle his first assignment--against Croatia- with relative ease, only to lose against South Korea in his next match.
However, the ACSAT student coolly recovered his bearings and out-hustled rivals from Italy, Chinese-Taipei, and Turkmenistan in consecutive matches
The loss to Austria however proved critical, as the judges had to go to the individual win-loss record to break the triple-tie.
The strong finish for Magante would have ensured that the Philippines will not be among the countries to fail to advance to the second round of competitions.
Team members for the other events meanwhile failed to live up to expectations, particularly the Philippines' CounterStrike team.
The Horsemen of Apocalypse or HoA, the country's CounterStrike team, suffered a disappointing first-round exit, after dropping three consecutive matches.
The HoA bowed out of contention after suffering consecutive losses against teams from Mexico, Taiwan, and Poland.
As of this update, the team still has one game left against Brazil, but a win-or a loss-will have no bearing on the team's overall standings.
WCG organizers and gamers in the Philippines expect HoA to fare better this year, after a remarkable performance in last year's WCG in Singapore .
The team breezed through the first round in WCG 2005, and entered the WCG's single round eliminations for the first time.
What made the run remarkable was that the Philippine team bested powerhouse Finland, which was expected to finish in the Top 3.
The matches for this year's WCG however proved to be more difficult.
Organizers admitted that the Philippines will face tougher competitions in Monza because an increasing number of countries are now fielding in teams made up of professional gamers.
HoA team leader Kris Romillo affirmed this, saying that the team faces a 'very difficult' bracket for this year, with powerhouses Poland and Brazil , bundled in one bracket.
The Philippine team playing for PangYa, a special tournament in the WCG, meanwhile also failed to advance, after losing to more experienced Japanese and South Korean players.
Team members disclosed that aside from experience, Japanese and South Korean players have the advantage of playing with the latest version of PangYa, which was used as the official game in the special tournament.

Written by: JOEL D. PINAROC

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