Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Foundation Week 2006

AMA Computer University celebrated its 26th founding anniversary last Nov 22-25 ,2006

Here are some pics from the gallery

Si Sir Si Ma'am Pwede Year 4

Employee's Day

Monday, November 20, 2006

When a Boy makes a Girl jealous

I read this on the bulletin board of Friendster. Kinda good

A boy liked a girl

but wanted to make her jealous.

Then one day

things went terribly wrong.

The next few weeks

were like a very sad


He made her jealous

on purpose he tried.

When the girl asked, "Do you love her?"

on purpose he lied.

He played with jealousy

like it was a game.

Little did he know

Things would never be the same.

His plan was working

but he had no clue.

How wrong things would go,

the damage he would do.

One night she broke down,

feeling very


Just her and the blade,

no one else home.

She dialed his number,

he answered, "Hello"

She told him she loved him

and hung up the phone.

He raced to her


just a minute too late.

Found her lying in blood,

her heart

had no rate.

Beside her was a note,

in it her confession.

Her love for this boy,

her only obsession.

As he read the note,

he knelt down and cried.

Grabbed her knife,

that night they both died.

She was found in his arms,

both of them dead.

Under her


his handwriting said:

"I loved her

so, she never knew.

All this time

I loved her


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cute girl murders her classmate

A gruesome news swept Japan as "Nevada Girl" showed the world that being cute is not all that good.

Born: 21-Nov-1992
Birthplace: Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan

Unnamed 11-year-old girl who murdered her classmate, 12-year-old Satomi Mitarai on 1 June 2004. Both girls were sixth-graders at the Okubo Elementary School in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. During their lunch period, the younger girl lured Mitarai to an empty classroom and slit her throat with a box cutter. Covered in blood, the girl returned to her classroom at the start of afternoon classes and told her teacher to call an ambulance. She confessed to the murder after leading her teacher to the dead girl's body.

The girl argued that Miterai had insulted her appearance on a web-based forum, Miterai calling her a "burikko" (a pretentious cutie) and "heavy", provoking a heated online dispute between the two. "She wrote something bad about my appearance several times on the net a few days before the incident. I didn't like that, so I called her [to a study room] and slashed her neck after getting her to sit on a chair."

Japanese laws prohibit the trying of children under the age of 14 as adults; accordingly, the killer has not named. The only photograph of her that was initially released showed her wearing a sweatshirt printed with the word "NEVADA". Since the murder, the girl has attained a following on some anime forums, referred to as the "Nevada Girl".

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chinese PSP Phone

A Chinese manufacturer has developed the V191, a PSP look alike phone that actually plays games

The phone also features a Micro SD slot (256MB card is included), a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, and an MP4 player.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nyoy Volante @ SM North

Who would ever thought that Nyoy Volante still remembers Siopao Master

Nyoy Volante and his new band performed today at SM North Edsa. I couldn't come because of work, but my sister came for me instead. She bought the new album and had an autograph on it, when being asked who it is dedicated to, she told Meynard (percussion, a friend of mine) it is for Siopao Master, and he said "Si Siops? Saan?" My sister told him that I was busy on my work and gladly signed the poster. Next Nyoy signed the poster and was surpried that my name is on it and quickly looked for me. Then, Juliet the violinist asked who is Siopao and Nyoy told her that I'm the Dark Angel of his angels. Hehehe, cool!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leah Dizon

I rarely feature a celebrity on this blog, but hey, if it's Leah, who cares?

Part American, part Japanese and part Filipina, Leah's blood is blessed with the most gorgeous race ever combined, no wonder why she's beautiful. Only 20 years old, her popularity in Japan skyrocketed and she will have a movie entitled Traffic in the Sky. To think she's just a model before.Check her website at LeahDizon.com and read her blog.

Another product of the Filipino ingenuity.

Leah Dizon
Full Name: Leah Donna Dizon
Birthday: 09/24/1986 Name: Leah De
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Height: 5??2"
Measurements: 34B-25-36
Shoe: 6.5
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Latin/Hispanic/Asian
Complexion: Dark
Build: Petite
Hair Style: Long
Model Type: Catalog,Commercial,Editorial,Fashion,Lifestyle,Lingerie,Print,Promotion,Spokesmodel,Swimwear,Tradeshows
Actor Type: No Interest
Dance: No Interest
Languages: Spanish

PSP Firmware version 2.82 out now

Like a sudden tight slap to the face of all PSP homebrewers, Sony has come out with the newest firmware update, v2.82. You won't find them on the official sites yet, because they're yet to be updated. But talking to zshadow, it seems that the updates are being rolled out right now through the Network Update featur

Here's what's new in the latest homebrew-less PSP firmware:
- Ability to play Flash content in the Internet Browser (Connection to internet required for license)
- Connection Settings added under Settings in Internet Browser
- Ability to save content added in RSS to Memory Stick
- Automatic has been added under Rate in Location Free Player
- UMD Video L/R button added under Video Settings in Settings
- Ability to disable Chapter Skip feature of the L/R Buttons (UMD Video)
- New playable extension - AAC
- Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese added as new languages
- RSS channel Settings added in Settings
- Demos can now be downloaded from Browser and saved on Memory Stick
- Video output can now be displayed correctly when an external tuner is selected in Location Free Player
- Ability to download Video and Image content under RSS Channel
- Ability to register devices via a wireless LAN access point under Location Free Player
- Ability to play AAC files with .3gp extension under Music
- Ability to play content saved in MUSIC, PICTURE and VIDEO folders on a Memory Stick
- Added security strengthening revisions.

NOTE: You will not be able to use any homebrew on firmware 2.82.
Please do not rest your hopes on anyone cracking it soon.