Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PSP Firmware version 2.82 out now

Like a sudden tight slap to the face of all PSP homebrewers, Sony has come out with the newest firmware update, v2.82. You won't find them on the official sites yet, because they're yet to be updated. But talking to zshadow, it seems that the updates are being rolled out right now through the Network Update featur

Here's what's new in the latest homebrew-less PSP firmware:
- Ability to play Flash content in the Internet Browser (Connection to internet required for license)
- Connection Settings added under Settings in Internet Browser
- Ability to save content added in RSS to Memory Stick
- Automatic has been added under Rate in Location Free Player
- UMD Video L/R button added under Video Settings in Settings
- Ability to disable Chapter Skip feature of the L/R Buttons (UMD Video)
- New playable extension - AAC
- Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese added as new languages
- RSS channel Settings added in Settings
- Demos can now be downloaded from Browser and saved on Memory Stick
- Video output can now be displayed correctly when an external tuner is selected in Location Free Player
- Ability to download Video and Image content under RSS Channel
- Ability to register devices via a wireless LAN access point under Location Free Player
- Ability to play AAC files with .3gp extension under Music
- Ability to play content saved in MUSIC, PICTURE and VIDEO folders on a Memory Stick
- Added security strengthening revisions.

NOTE: You will not be able to use any homebrew on firmware 2.82.
Please do not rest your hopes on anyone cracking it soon.

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