Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 in Review

Once again, the end of the year is at hand. Let us revisit the past events from the ending year.

January 2006
An uproar rised amidst the internet blogs when an American named Pamela Ribon posted on her blog her adventures inside Jollibee in the US.

The first time that I saw Julie's house happened on this month, after touring baywalk, we went on a road trip that changed my life forever.

The launch of Optical Zoom, a partner website of Siopao Heaven.


My internet connection suffered the longest drought ever. 3 weeks of no connection affected my online life.

Julie's mom passed away on April 26 5:40pm at Lung Center of the Philippines due to complications of cancer.

The world premiere of the most controversial movie of 2006, The Da Vinci code topped the box office even though it received an R18 rating.

The commencement exercise of AMA Computer University, to whom my friends shane, tj, mike, leoben, vince, pats and some of my students walked with pride.

Bill Gates stepped down for being the Chief Software Architect of Microsoft and decided to spend more time in their foundation.

The month I bought my PSP and change my gaming lifestyle forever.

Microsoft Vista's price leaked and the announcement of Microsoft XNA, the programming language for making XBox games.

Microsoft school opened.

Milenyo swept Metro Manila with strong winds and heavy rainfall, destroying billboards and killing hundreds of people. The only typhoon that hit Metro Manila directly since 1995 courtesy of typhoon Rosing

Bought my Nintendo DS lite.

Google bought Youtube.

The whole CCS faculty went to Paradise resort, something happened here to me.

AMA Computer University founding anniversary, Si Sir Si Ma'am pwede which Shane and TJ won.

Change my life for the better.

Saddam Hussein executed for crimes against humanity.

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