Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Ear and the Emergency Room

Woke up today at 2am by an excruciating pain on my left ear.

I tried to stop the pain by molding my chakra (kidding!). Around 5am and I still couldn't sleep because of the pain. My mom decided that we go to J.P. Sioson because this could be something bad. The EENT (Ears Eyes Nose Tongue) there hastn't arrived yet (actually he'll arrived at 10am!) So we headed to MCU. On their Emergency room, as we entered, have 3 ongoing operation due to a vehicular accident. The receptionist told me that I should wait for awhile for the EENT because severe cases are the priority and all of the EENTs are busy with the victims of the vehicular accident. As I fill down the form for patients, another one patient arrived via an ambulance, she was wacked hard on the face by a gun, turns out, the hold-upper didn't get anything from her and thus releasing his frustration on her. As if the pain from my ear wasn't enough, I found out thst the girl's surname is Alcantara...of all the names! Anyway, the EENT approached me and examined my ear, turns out, my externals were swollen due to everyday cleaning with cotton buds (stupid me) and I should take a pain reliever once a day to stop the pain and put some ointment on the swollen part. Other than that, I've been sleeping the whole day.

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