Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Naruto: Shippuuden

Fillers goodbye! The much awaited sequel to Naruto is finally here!

Naruto Shippuuden is the continuation of the original animated TV series Naruto.The story revolves around an older and slightly more matured Uzumaki Naruto and his quest to save his friend Uchiha Sasuke from the grips of the snake-like Shinobi, Orochimaru. After 2 and a half years Naruto finally returns to his village of Konoha, and sets about putting his ambitions to work, though it will not be easy, as He has amassed a few (more dangerous) enemies, in the likes of the shinobi organization; Akatsuki.

The first episode will air on February 15,2007 with a 1 hour special entitled Kikyou(Homecoming)

Source: Tv-Tokyo

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Microsoft Vista Philippine Launch

The release of the much awaited Windows Vista has come to our shores

Geeks and IT professionals everywhere rejoice! The holy grail of Microsoft has come. The new interface and environment will make us drool. Experience Vista and have a glimpse of what the future can bring. Come join us on February 3,2007 at SM Mall of Asia. You can register here

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Harry Potter Movie 5

Once again, another blockbuster hit in the making.

The release date of Harry Potter's 5th movie is finally official. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be shown worldwide on July 13,2007.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weird Products

Ever wonder why people develop this kind of products? Who the hell buy these stuff?

Play-Doh Cologne

Those fresh-from-the-can, full-of-potential, childhood memories… Now in a convenient spray! This Limited Edition Cologne was created to celebrate the 50th Birthday of Play-Doh! Hasbro said the fragrance is “meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.” Close your eyes and you’re back in kindergarten all over again! It’s amazing how the scent of Play-Doh can take you to another time and place.”

Source: Perpetual Kid

Wild Swan

Seriously, what the hell is this thing? Apparently this is a real product

If you would like to pick one of these up yourself, the guy who found it on a trip to Japan is currently selling one on Ebay. There is also a packaging translation available here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Sassy Girl's 10 rules

Remember when Kyun-woo told the girl's date to follow 10 rules? Well here it is all:

1. Don't ask her to be feminine
2. Don't let her drink over three glasses
3. Drink coffee instead of Coke/Juice
4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't
5. On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class
6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash
7. Be prepared to go to prison sometimes
8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly
9. If her feet hurt, exchange shoes with her
10. She likes to write. Encourage her

How I love this movie

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sino Si Ederlyn?

A mysterious text message was sent nationwide regarding a girl who invited her friends in her birthday party but sent it into a wrong number.

Ederlyn Trivento as she claimed, sent a mass message regarding her birthday party, but nobody came and she blamed Globe for the incident. We don't know if this is true or a hoax, but poor Ederlyn, She's always the topic of some jokes circulating nationwide. The price for fame it seems.

Source: Political Pinoy

Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPhone Commercial from Conan Obrien

The iPhone is the latest product of Apple and here is a spoof of its commercial

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Top 10 AuditionPH Forum posters

I was chosen as one of the top 10 forum posters

Here are the results:

original link

I'm going to claim my price on January 19,2007 at SM Mall of Asia

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

MythBuster Team Creating Two New Shows

The team behind Mythbusters is working with the Discovery Channel on two new projects.

Prototype This will be a 13 part series that investigates whether the gadgets and technology seen in science fiction movies have any real world viability. Maybe the show will help kick start the flying car and transporter. Those are tops on my list.

The second show will be Cool Stuff: How it Works. This will be a four part series investigation of how some current technology, like a fireproof suit, actually works.

There is no word on whether Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will be involved with either project or even what network they will be shown on. More importantly, there is no mention whatsoever of Kari Byron. I say put her in both shows and they will probably double their chance of success.

from Sydney Morning Herald

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wii Sales Crush Competition: 3.19 Million Consoles Sold

The official sales figures are in and the Nintendo Wii has sold 3.19 million consoles worldwide since its launch on November 19th. That’s almost half the total sales of the XBox 360 for the entire year.

10 Things A Nerd Can’t Live Without

Sean Fallon, a nerd wrote:

Over the last year or so I have amassed a number of gadgets, services, and software applications that I truly consider to be indispensable. Here is a list of ten of those products that I feel no nerd should be without:

1. MacOSX: I was a die hard PC user until around a year ago when I decided to make the switch to a Mac. The lack of gaming options on a Mac is a definite negative, but the ease of use, versatility, security, and multimedia options more than make up for its deficiencies. For everyday computing, a Mac is the way to go. Some must have downloads for the Mac include:

  • Quicksilver (Free): Fast application launch utility
  • Ecto: ($17.95 for Mac and Windows): If you have a blog, this desktop application makes writing for it a whole lot easier.
  • Google Notifier: (Free) Check your Gmail Inbox from your desktop
  • Mac The Ripper and Handbrake: (Free) DVD extractor and DVD to MPEG-4 converter (compatable with iPod and PSP)

2. Parallels: This is the software that really sealed the deal for me with regard to making the PC to Mac switch. OS virtualization with Parallels gives me the best of both worlds. Why should I have a PC when I can run XP (along with a myriad of other OSes) at almost native speeds right inside OSX?

The other great thing about Parallels is that the company is committed to their product. They are extremely diligent with making improvements and the $80 price tag is more than reasonable.

3. iPod: I don’t think that I really need to go into detail on this one. Despite stiffer competition this year, Apple’s iPod is still the best MP3 player around.

4. Bluetooth Headsets: We all know that the cellphone is indispensable, but those of you who have one that is Bluetooth enabled will undoubtedly appreciate the option of adding a wireless headset. Let me tell you, not having to hold that phone up to your ear all the time is very liberating - especially if you are multitasking.

5. PDA / Smartphone: Outside of writing for Nerd Approved, I’m also a personal trainer - which means that I have tons of clients and appointments to keep up with. For the last year or so I have been organizing my life through my Palm Tungsten TX, and I would be completely lost without it. Naturally, smartphones like the Blackberry could also fit into this category.

List continued after the break.

6. Blockbuster Total Access: I’m a big movie fan so ever since Blockbuster released their Total Access Netflix killer, I have been enjoying more movies than ever. Having the ability to return DVDs in-store for new titles along with game rentals via their monthly coupons has really put Netflix at a competitive disadvantage.

7. RSS Readers: The development of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has made keeping track of new content on my favorite sites (of which there are hundreds) quick and easy. There are tons of RSS aggregators out there, but I recommend either Bloglines or Google Reader.

8. NewEgg.com: When you need gadgets and electronics, NewEgg should be the first place you look. This is especially true if you build your own PC’s. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of computer parts and software from them, and their prices / customer service is unmatched.

9. HDTV: HD television makes life worth living. After you have tasted it all normal channels (and video games) will be dead to you.

10. Gmail: Gmail is the best web based email service out there. Period.

Other products that will soon be added to this list:

Nintendo Wii: If I ever get my hands on one that is.

Media Center PC: We all know that the DVR is one of the best products ever, but kicking it up a notch with a full on media hub is my next project. I will be building mine, but there are many pre-made solutions out there including the Hannibal Deuce and the Mvix MX-760HD Wireless Media Center.

USB products line-up

That Universal Serial Bus(USB) of yours opened lots of innovation. Here's a few:

USB rechargable batteries

We all know how useful rechargeable batteries can be, and the USBCell batteries from Think Geek make powering up easier than ever.

“Now, when your batteries are flatlining, pop the cap, and jam ‘em into your nearest ubiquitous USB port. Whether it’s on your computer, laptop, monitor or powered USB hub, all you need is 250mA of juice from your universal serial bus, and a little patience. In just a few hours, you’ll have 1300mAH of power!”

Rechargeable USB shaver

from T3

Spending too much time at your computer and forgetting some important grooming tips? Finding out you forgot the cord to your rechargeable shaver while traveling? Both problems are solved with the rechargeable USB shaver from Brando.

For only $22 you can have a floating double head foil shaver that recharges off your computer’s USB port. If you aren’t sold yet, the blue power-indicating LED will make you look cool.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Full Saddam Execution Video Leaked from Cellphone

A cellphone video capture of the execution of Saddam Hussein


If you cannot see the video, you can see the original here

Monday, January 01, 2007

Quake pwned our internet

Ever wonder why our internet connection today is lousy? read on

Taiwan quake damages RP Internet links
By Erwin Oliva
Last updated 01:03pm (Mla time) 12/27/2006

THE 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Taiwan early Wednesday damaged the Philippines’ links to the Internet, telecommunications executives have said.

BayanTel spokesman John Rojo confirmed this and said he was not sure when normal services would resume.

In a separate interview, Wilson Chua, Internet Service Provider owner, said that there was “massive damage” in the international links.

Chua said his connection to at least four major telecommunications firms -- Globe Telecommunications, BayanTel, Digitel, and the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. -- had been down since this morning.

PLDT officials could not be reached for comment as of posting time.

At least three Internet cafes in Manila visited by INQUIRER.net had been closed due to the service interruptions.

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the southern Taiwanese town of Hengchun Wednesday, killing two and triggering a regional tsunami alert.

Quake disrupts Asia communications

SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- Telecommunications around Asia were severely disrupted on Wednesday after earthquakes off Taiwan damaged undersea cables, slowing Internet services and hindering financial transactions, particularly in the currency market.

Banks and businesses across the region reported problems with communications, with some telephone lines cut and Internet access slowing to a crawl.

South Korea's top fixed-line and broadband service provider, KT Corp, said in a statement that six submarine cables were knocked out by Tuesday night's earthquakes.

"Twenty-seven of our customers were hit, including banks and churches," a KT spokesman said. "It is not known yet when we can fully restore the services."

Banks in Seoul said foreign exchange trading had been affected.

"Trading of the Korean won has mostly halted due to the communication problem," said a dealer at one domestic bank.

Some disruption was also reported in the important Tokyo currency market but the EBS system that handles much dollar/yen trading appeared to be working.

Global information company Reuters Group Plc said all users of its services in Japan and South Korea had been affected.

One Tokyo foreign exchange trader said: "There are many currencies in which market-making is being conducted via Reuters and such currencies such as the Australian dollar and the British pound are in a very tenuous situation now."
State secret

In China, trading in currencies and copper appeared to be normal and both the Shanghai stock market and money market were working.

But China Telecommunications Group, the country's biggest fixed-line telephone operator and parent of China Telecom Corp., said the earthquakes had affected lines "from the Chinese mainland to places including the Taiwan area, the United States and Europe, and many have been cut".

"Internet connections have been seriously affected, and phone links and dedicated business lines have also been affected to some degree," it said.

Officials declined to give further details. "Undersea communications cables fall in the area of state secrets," said a ministry of communications official in Beijing.

The main quake, measured by Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau at magnitude 6.7 and at magnitude 7.1 by the U.S. Geological Survey, struck off Taiwan's southern coast at 1226 GMT on Tuesday. Two people were killed.

Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom said two of four major undersea cables out of Taiwan had been affected. Voice circuits had been reduced to 40 per cent of capacity to the United States and just 2 per cent to most parts of Southeast Asia.

KDDI Corp., Japan's second-largest telecoms company, said communications along submarine cables out of Japan went through Taiwan before reaching Southeast Asian countries, which was leading to disruption.

But it said communications were unlikely to break down completely since there were alternative lines.

PCCW, Hong Kong's main fixed-line telecoms provider, said several undersea cables it part-owned had been damaged. "Data transfer is down by half," a spokeswoman said.

Both Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), Southeast Asia's top phone company, and local rival StarHub Ltd., said customers were suffering slow access to Internet pages.

But SingTel said traffic was being diverted and repair work was in progress, adding: "Our submarine cables linking to Europe and the U.S. are not affected."

Source: Captain's Log