Thursday, January 04, 2007

USB products line-up

That Universal Serial Bus(USB) of yours opened lots of innovation. Here's a few:

USB rechargable batteries

We all know how useful rechargeable batteries can be, and the USBCell batteries from Think Geek make powering up easier than ever.

“Now, when your batteries are flatlining, pop the cap, and jam ‘em into your nearest ubiquitous USB port. Whether it’s on your computer, laptop, monitor or powered USB hub, all you need is 250mA of juice from your universal serial bus, and a little patience. In just a few hours, you’ll have 1300mAH of power!”

Rechargeable USB shaver

from T3

Spending too much time at your computer and forgetting some important grooming tips? Finding out you forgot the cord to your rechargeable shaver while traveling? Both problems are solved with the rechargeable USB shaver from Brando.

For only $22 you can have a floating double head foil shaver that recharges off your computer’s USB port. If you aren’t sold yet, the blue power-indicating LED will make you look cool.

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