Monday, April 30, 2007

Spiderman 3 showing tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow, labor day, marks another milestone in my life, the third installment of the movie of the super hero loved all my life is finally showing.We bought already tickets.I love here in the Philippines, we beat the United States 3 days in showing this flick

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Granado Espada Pre-OBT on May 17

Experience the power of three as Granado Espada launches pre-Open Beta Testing on May 17,2007. The Pre-OBT client (version 2) will be available for download starting May 1. check the official website for registration and details

Happy Gaming!

Jeanne D'Arc coming to PSP

Many Catholics and non Catholics alike know who is Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc to us english men). Level 5 will relive that historical campaign of the Maid of Orléans with a twist of fantasy.

La Pucelle as the frenchmen called her during that time, participated on the 100 year war of France and England. Branded as a heretic and burned at the stake on May 30, 1431, Twenty-five years too late, in 1456, she was declared both innocent and a martyr by the inquisition. It ruled that the original trial had been tainted by fraud, illegal procedures, and intimidation of both prosecutors and defendant. The "Maid of Orléans" was beatified in 1909 and canonized a saint on May 16, 1920.

Level 5's game Jeanne D'Arc that will be released on the Sony PSP on August 30,2007 (tentative date), a turn-based tactical RPG mixed with fantasy and history, Jeanne D'Arc is a promising title.

Happy Gaming!

Console games becoming portable

It has been a trend recently that most of the successful titles in the console market are being ported to the handheld platform.

Nintendo and Sony are making their fans drool in excitement as some successful titles to whom most console gamers fell in love with. An example is Final Fantasy Tactics, a 10 year old game that was originally released on the Playstation last December 31, 1997 by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) now being released on the PSP with multiplayer capabilities. Nintendo DS fans have their share of portable goodness, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is an "expansion" of Final Fantasy XII that was released by Square-Enix on the Playstation 2 console. Action hungry gamers need not fret. God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP promises a bloodfest jus like its console counterpart. As for the thrill seekers, Silent Hill Origins for the PSP will haunt your cold summer nights.

Buying a Nintendo DS and a Sony PSP is worth it if you see this lineup.

Happy Gaming!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adios AMA

Farewell to the school that I graduated, farewell to the school I have grown to love, to where I had proven my loyalty and dedication, to where I had experienced it all. Farewell to my friends and enemies, because of them, I am what I am today. As the journey to become the greatest teacher in the Philippines come to an end, I bid my beloved students goodbye. I may not be your teacher anymore, but I am still your friend forever. May the teachings that i had imparted on you be a lesson on your future and I do hope for all of your success. As for the people in AMA I loved the most, my princesses, I will always support you forever and the bonds between us can never be broken.

This is Great Teacher Siopao signing off.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Guild Wars Eye of the North

GW gamers,including me, gasped as the news for the upcoming expansion and sequel was revealed by ArenaNet.

Guild Wars players will soon be able to embark on a journey that will take their existing characters into the treacherous reaches north of the Shiverpeak Mountains. There, they must stand side-by-side with both friends and enemies from the past, recruit new allies and heroes, and delve deep into perilous dungeons to face an ancient evil. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. One thing is certain; at the end of this battle, nothing will remain the same.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Features

-Tons of new content designed exclusively for your existing Guild Wars characters
-18 huge, multi-level dungeons to explore
-Monuments of your Guild Wars achievements that give access to special items and titles in Guild Wars 2
-150 new skills (50 of which are special, roleplaying-only skills) to use against your foes
-10 new Heroes to help you in your adventures
-40 new armor sets suitable for the great heroes of the land
-A first look at three of the exciting new playable races in Guild Wars 2
-Numerous new items, weapons, and titles to attain


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Phillips Develops AAA Powered Cell Phone

There are a number of portable Cell phone power solutions out there, but for those of you who often need a quick boost of power, the new Phillips Xenium NRG offers a more compact solution - AAA batteries.

Any brand or type of battery can be inserted - in fact, if you choose rechargeable batteries, the Xenium will charge both the main battery and the backup AAA when it is plugged in to a wall outlet. A single AAA battery can provide up to three extra hours of talk time.

No pricing or release date information for the Phillips Xenium NRG phone has been made available.

Nerd Doormat

Only a computer nerd could appreciate a doormat like this, much less want an arriving date have this be their first impression. I guess if they understand the meaning of that particular IP address it could mean the nerd has found their soul mate. Available at ThinkGeek for $39.99.