Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adios AMA

Farewell to the school that I graduated, farewell to the school I have grown to love, to where I had proven my loyalty and dedication, to where I had experienced it all. Farewell to my friends and enemies, because of them, I am what I am today. As the journey to become the greatest teacher in the Philippines come to an end, I bid my beloved students goodbye. I may not be your teacher anymore, but I am still your friend forever. May the teachings that i had imparted on you be a lesson on your future and I do hope for all of your success. As for the people in AMA I loved the most, my princesses, I will always support you forever and the bonds between us can never be broken.

This is Great Teacher Siopao signing off.

1 comment:

Ernart said...

Thank you sir s mga pag tangap ng san damakmak ko especial exam(lagi kc me late mag bayad) lam ko dumdagdag yun s skit ng ulo s pag rerecord ng grade at pag hahabol ng submission nyo thank you rin s mga lecture at pag tangap s mga s mga excuses ko noon gudluck po maging next work nyo at life nyo.