Sunday, May 27, 2007

Multi-level Networking Company

Ihan wanted me to accompany him to Ortigas for someone invited him to a business symposium that turns out to be a networking scam.

I don't want to give the name of the "multi-level network" but I will narrate the story on what happened on Burgundy Bldg., 3rd floor...

Ihan texted me last Wednesday to accompany him on May 26 on a business symposium, being a good friend, I accepted.

This was the text that Ihan recieved as an invitation:


This is ****** ******* of *** ****** INC. We're looking for result oriented individuals who want to work with us on a parttime or fulltime basis and be a part of our expansion program in South East Asia. You are cordially invited to our much awaited Business Symposium on Saturday, May 26, 2007 7pm @ Unit 301 3rd flr AIC Burgundy Empire Tower ADB Ave. Cor. Garnet Road Ortigas Center, Outline of event includes; Business & Livelihood Opportunities, College Scholarship Assistance and a chance for an all expense USA trip with 5 year multiple state entry visa. Come and be part of this once in a lifetime event! Please text in your name/s to reserve seats for free. Thank you and God Bless

Come May 26, today, we rendezvous in front of SM City The Block and entered Ayala TriNoMa because it was more convenient and the rain was pouring . When Ihan was buying the tickets for the MRT, Sir Manny came out of nowhere and greeted me and the three of us boarded the MRT. When we arrived at Ortigas station, we bid farewell to Sir Manny and walked all the way to Robinson's Galleria. Burgundy is just at the back of the said mall so we didn't encountered any difficulties finding it. As we entered the building, my scam senses were tingling and told Ihan to proceed with caution. We rode the elevator and entered the third floor. As we entered the only open door on that floor, we were greeted by hideous amount of tarpaulin placed all over the area. It contains people smiling happily while beside a brand new car or a house and lot, with it, their so-called success story. My scam senses were right, this is definitely a multi-level marketing company and we walked right into their trap..

We were ushered into a "training room" wherein a "professional" talked about the benefits of their product and the toxins in our body and all that stuff just to convince the innocent people, but alas, I found out that 60% of the audience were already members and they accompanied their friends, who were now part of the hypnotic extravaganza. I sensed that Ihan already fell from the hypnotic curse due to the fact that a member was already talking to him, exchanging contact numbers and all, Ihan fell to the dark side. As for me, my IQ resisted the hypnotic curse and decided to leave the room and seached for some coffee, the lovely attendant offered me coffee for a expected from a multi-level networking company. After 30 mins. the ordeal was over finally. I escorted Ihan back to Robinson's Galleria, but he was never again the same...May God save his soul.


Jepoy said...

PUTUNG INUH! Pinigilan mo dapat. :))

Siopao Master said...

His soul is already in hell, There's nothing I could do *sigh*

Faith said...

Whoa. That sucks big time. Multi-level companies just replaced the Pyramiding scam. Tsk.

Who Am I? said...

Well, I would like to understand why you thought that he invited you to an MLM scam... do you know anything about how MLM works and how a certain company can be categorized as a scam?

Your mistake here is generalization. You automatically judged the MLM company as a scam when most MLM companies are appreciated in the Philippines (if not World wide) as a legal and working business.

Well, you're entitled to your opinion of course, but it would definitely be nice if you could back up your posts with facts that would support it to at least let it be considered as something relevant.

Haha! Well, the fact that I responded here may be an indicator that you caught my attention... sadly, you caught me in a bad way. hehe. Ciao!