Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Psychological Effect of Rain

It's been raining for the past few days here in Quezon City and during my daily trek, I observed something when the rain poured down.

After the routine trip to Fitness First, I strolled around SM North and decided to call it a day and headed home. As I passed the foot bridge (yey pink!) and just right after entering a jeep bound to Project 6, it happened. The rain poured down heavily. The large amounts of raindrops can be heard on the stainless steel roof of the jeep. I gaze upon people running all over the sidewalks as they head for shelter while others opened their umbrellas and walk gleefully on the sidewalk thanking themselves that they brought along an umbrella. Now as the jeep turned left to Mindanao Ave. we were greeted by a very very tight traffic. How the hell that happened? Moments ago, the traffic ran fluidly and now, bumper to bumper traffic is all I can see. Is it because of the rain? Why is it every time the rains pours down, traffic will follow soon after? Are people eager enough to go home and sip a steaming hot coffee or cocoa? Heck, if traffic wasn't enough, you can hear the horns of those impatient drivers honking all over Mindanao Ave. and all of that because of the rain? I'm not a psychologist so I cannot conclude on this human behavior. Anyway, I'm glad to post something about me once in a while, not those recent tech news or whatsoever.

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