Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What makes me proud to be a Filipino

This post is a response to Buwayahman's article

Blogging they say, is the new medium for free speech. You can post your rants, raves, your daily experiences and anything that comes out of your mind. Many Filipino venture the Blogosphere to find information or to just be entertained. So why not use this raw opportunity to send a useful message across? Let's start by telling our fellow Filipinos why they should be proud to be one.

As far as I remember, Filipinos are all over the world, Jasmine Trias, a half Filipina, participated in American Idol. Batista, a half Filipino, is a wrestler in WWE. Vanessa Minnilo, a half Filipina, recently hosted the Miss Universe 2007 beauty pageant. Ana Theresa Licaros won Ms. Photogenic in the same pageant as well. Who can forget Manny Pacquiao bringin home the bacon oh so many times? Heracleo "Leo" Oracion , Erwin "Pastor" Emata and Romeo Garduce were the first Filipinos that reached the summit of Mt. Everest while Noelle Wenceslao, Karina Dayondon and Janet Belarmino were the first Filipinas to reach the summit also. Remember Lea Salonga on Miss Saigon? The list goes on and on. The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who work all over the world just make their families have a better living here in the Philippines, they are the modern heroes and they carry the Filipino name with them. Heck my father is an OFW and I'm proud of him.

Finally, the main reason that I'm proud to be a Filipino is our culture. Our hospitality towards our visitor, the use of "Po" and "Opo" to show respect. The care for the elderly, heck some countries abandon you if you're too old, because they think you are useless already. Who would not be proud of the Filipino family? Bonding every weekend, saying grace before meal, eating together, going to church together. I tell you guys, if you plan to go abroad, you'll miss these Filipino traits and will think that I'm proud to be a Filipino. Now, I'm not being patriotic here but putting the negative issues aside, Filipinos are the kindest and hard working people in the world.

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Jesse Guevara said...

Kapag napasyal ako sa ganitong uri ng blog, na may pagpapahalaga at pagpupugay bilang PILIPINO ay may paghanga akong nadarama. Pinatitibay nito ang aking pananalig bilang tunay na Pilipino. Marami na ang nagigising sa ating mga kababayan. Kahit papaano, higit na mainam ito kaysa mga panooring walang katuturan sa telebisyon. At ang mahalaga sa lahat, binubuhay muli and ating pagtitiwala at pagmamalasakit sa ating sambayanan.

Nawa’y magpatuloy pa ang mga pagpapala sa iyo; NGAYON, BUKAS, at MAGPAKAILANMAN!

Tanging tunay na Pilipino lamang ang wagas na magmamahal sa kapwa Pilipino: IsangIsip, IsangSalita, IsangGawa; IsangKapatiran = IsangPilipino

Kuya Jes,