Thursday, June 28, 2007

Every beginning has an ending

This week was the saddest week of my life, although it concluded the question on my mind of what could be the outcome, will the good prevail or will the evil triumph?

Last Monday, Proposal Daisakusen aired its final episode. As I watched the final episode, I really really felt the pain and frustration of the protagonist Iwase Ken as his futile attempt to win back his love ended in vain.It's true that a good story can change your life or it may just touch it. Proposal Daisakusen just did that, it made me realize what I have done wrong to the woman I love and I'm facing the consequences of my actions. I failed, miserably and there's no way I can correct it again. How I wish a fairy will appear to me now so that I can change the past, but too bad, there's nothing I can do know, she wouldn't want me even as a friend. Life sucks, live with it.

BTW, Death Note also aired its last episode last night. It really showed good always prevail. I do hope it will happen too in real life, the evil (back stabbers and "plastic" people) will perish and peace will be restored in my life.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 fraud

An employee of ABS-CBN confessed that the currently happening situation in PBB season 2 is all but crap.

This is how the fraud currently happening in Pinoy Big Brother Season two.

"I have worked for ABS-CBN for almost four years now, since i finished my M.A on Mass Comm - Broadcast Communication in 2003. As part of production on News and Current Affairs, my work has been mostly rewarding, with good benefits despite the low base pay (I’m including this part so you would understand why I accepted the offer to be transferred to conceptualization of some reality shows particularly the current one, PBB.) Because of the sensitivity of my status (I am still working there) I cannot divulge my name, gender and current position in ABS-CBN. Still, I would like to inform those who are interested (who, most probably, are now wondering why Wendy Valdez is still inside the house and not evicted yet, as most must have assumed.)

When I was asked if I wanted to be part of the conceptualization of the current and upcoming reality shows that ABS-CBN would be showing (with higher compensation, obviously), I accepted the offer. How bad can it get, I said, since most of these shows run on public voting and my job would mostly include thinking of the “challenges” that Kuya instructs the housemates to do.

Apparently, conceptualization incorporates more than that. As I have known after the pre-screening of the auditioners, as early as the application process, we have to note who we think will “attract the public most” and who we think will “make the ratings go off the roof.” After the initial screening, we had to choose the top 100 of the batch, and even though some did not “theoretically pass” the audition (some weren’t able to complete the documents needed), since they have mass appeal, they made it to the first cut, and some were even included in the finalists that entered the BB house.

As you all know, the eviction process is supposed to be based on the votes that the “nominated housemates” - the housemate with the lowest vote will be evicted. I dont know about the previous editions of the PBB (since I only worked under this series this season), but what surprised us the most was when we were informed that the voting only affects the decision minimally - that the voting actually shows who the public wants to see again the following day - but that was it. the truth is, there are so-called “talent auditors.” These people are the ones who really put the big decision as to who will be evicted, and who will stay. Of course, this never became obvious since I cannot deny the fact that we receive millions of votes during eviction night. That is, until Wendy was evicted, and then later returned to join the housemates who are legitimately still in the contest. And the reason is this: the Wendy-Bruce loveteam is working. Have you ever noticed why most of the episodes are focused on the Wendy-Bruce loveteam? It is because ratings are really high, meaning that people want to see how their relationship develops.

I have never received this much question about my work before. My friends want to know how someone who was already evicted be suddenly returned to the house. Actually, that is one of the “twists” that are really planned to be included in the show. But there are actually three evicted housemates that were vying to be returned to the house, and Wendy was one of them. We were asked who we think should be the one to return to the house, and Zeke won. But after discussing that the Wendy-Bruce love team was too interesting to abruptly end, it was Wendy who got the spot. Aside from that, we were later informed by one of the production managers who was disappointed with the decision, Wendy was “Direk Dyogi’s pet.”

I told this story to some of my friends, and they were surprised to know the truth, particularly because some of them were voting for their favorite contestant. I told them only one thing - that they are just wasting their money in voting. As I have personally seen, the path of the contest is already drawn, and the voting only affects the decision minimally, as I have said. This only tells us who the public wants to see again inside the house. The eviction of Nel tonight is the classic example. Nel got the second lowest number of votes, Wendy got the lowest. But the administrators think that perhaps the Wendy-Bruce loveteam is still up, so we had to give it one last shot. If the ratings go down, or if on Tuesday (the next eviction night), Wendy still gets the lowest vote, she’s out of the contest.

I did not want to reveal all of these, partly because of my loyalty to the company that has given me so much over the years, but I personally think that it is unfair to make one suffer for another’s gain. Since I have done background checks on the housemates, I know for a fact that Nel isn’t very well-off, and should have been given his chance fairly. I feel bad to know that I am included in a ploy to confuse and even fool people into believing that they control the outcome of the show. That is why I went ahead and did this post. I wanted people to know how PBB works.

If you really want to let the network know how disappointed you are with the outcome, make the ratings go down at least until Tuesday. And do not waste your money in voting, or if you really want to and have the means to do so, vote for who you really think should be included in the big 4 - this way, hopefully, Wendy will be out on Tuesday for good."

-- ABS-CBN Employee / PBB Conceptualizer

That explains why that mothafucking Wendy Valdez is still inside the PBB house. Well I'm not watching this crap anyway, but my family seems to like it and I can't stand to let this slip through. So please, don't vote for that Wendy Valdez bitch, for the sake of humanity.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

School Hopping

I never thought that today will be a long busy day

My original plan is to go to Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) to apply for a teaching position. So I went there early, eager to show them greeeaat teacher siopao hehehe. Too bad they did not appreciate my prepared power point presentation due to the fact that they didn't have a usb slot to plug my flash drive in. After the teaching demo and the grueling interview, i headed straight to AMA Computer University to visit my best friend, it turns out, she's the OIC Dean for the day,sweet! when lunch arrived, I had the chance to eat with her and we talked about everything we missed for the past month. I was glad to hear she missed me and I do miss her too, she's my dearest best friend after all (contradicting to the rumors out there). I accompanied her to the dean's office after eating and helped in some of the work, for the other "loyal to magaling" didn't even dare to help her. After sometime, Ihan texted me that I'll try to give my resume to Informatics and I bid farewell to my best friend and headed to Informatics and gave my resume and was interviewed by the program head. They will call me next week about the results. Overall it was a great day.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I Love You Goodbye...

"No love can hurt as much as the love that can never be. And, no thoughts can hurt as much as the thoughts of a love that could have been."

I cannot believe it ended this way. I didn't imagine we will separate our paths on this manner. I think this is the best for the both of us. Not lovers, not even friends.

I stood there in front of her house, trying to comprehend what just happened. All I wanted is to give to her late birthday gift and tell her how I really feel. But instead, she told me the truth. The one thing she wanted to tell me these past few weeks, She wanted me to forget her and move on. For she already forgotten me and removed me from her life. I practically did not exist anymore in her life. I wanted to cry but I can't. I can't describe the pain I felt when she said those words. As I walked away, tears keep falling down and the pain penetrated deep down my soul. Thats it. It's all over, I can't even tell her how I feel. I guess it's too late for that. I lost my love and I lost my friend all at once and there's nothing more I can do..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty? This hatred? How did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it? What happened to us? That we now send our children into the world like we send young men to war, hoping for their safe return, but knowing that some will be lost along the way. When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed all by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?

I wasn't prepared of what happened yesterday, maybe, it's too sudden, too fast for me to comprehend.

They have won. The people who hated me won again, this time, they didn't just took my future but my best friend as well. I lost also the person I treated as a mom and also I lost my one true love all in one package. What have I done to deserve this? Why are these things happening? Now all that is left for me are memories, and it only makes the pain stronger..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Three Princesses and the Squire

Once upon a time there were three princesses ruling the AMA kingdom. They were Althea, Bellatrix and Ixchel.A squire named Valerius secretly adored these three beautiful ladies and one day decided to tell them how he feel.

The story revolved around Valerius falling in love with Althea, despite their differences, Valerius and Althea became close, during the swimming in Cavite, Valerius realized that he was in love with Althea. Too bad for Valerius, Althea didn't feel the same way, series of fights and misunderstandings followed and on December 22, 2006, Valerius finally called it quits and accepted the fact that He and Althea were only just friends. Valerius calls Althea "My Sassy Girl" based on the Korean movie. Every time the song "Don't Cha" by the Pussy Cat Dolls and "Crazy For You" by Sponge Cola were being played, Valerius remembers the good times the both of them spent together.

During the dark times of Valerius, there was a kind princess by the name Bellatrix who comforted him and told him the positive side of things. Valerius and Bellatrix became the best of friends, Valerius officially call Bellatrix "Best Friend" and sometimes Bellatrix calls Valerius "Best Friend" as well, but destiny was cruel to Valerius as the boyfriend of Bellatrix suspected that Valerius' is in love with Bellatrix. Valerius coined the term "Bessy" to hide the word "Best Friend" for Bellatrix' boyfriend is the one and only "best friend" in her life. If it isn't enough, Valerius was deleted form Bellatrix' Friendster friends list and currently is banned from texting, emailing, calling, instant messaging and even talking to his "Best Friend". The squire cannot do anything for the knight is the rightful one for the princess. Thus all the squire had left was the memories of having a wonderful friendship which is now impossible to achieve. Every time the song "Tell me where it hurts" by MYMP and "I Turn to You" by Christina Aguilera were played, All the squire can do is remember the past for he cannot do anything in the present.

Last but not the least, Ixchel, the princess that gave the squire false hope. Deception was the main reason the squire erased the princess in his memory, for the princess secretly has a knight during the time she gave the squire hope. The squire cannot endure the treachery abd decided to forget the princess.

Three different women, One man, all three became a part of his life, but destiny took everything away and left him just the memories. He cannot do anything for he's just a squire.If only the squire became a knight, just maybe, one of the three will become his own princess and they will live happily ever after.