Thursday, June 28, 2007

Every beginning has an ending

This week was the saddest week of my life, although it concluded the question on my mind of what could be the outcome, will the good prevail or will the evil triumph?

Last Monday, Proposal Daisakusen aired its final episode. As I watched the final episode, I really really felt the pain and frustration of the protagonist Iwase Ken as his futile attempt to win back his love ended in vain.It's true that a good story can change your life or it may just touch it. Proposal Daisakusen just did that, it made me realize what I have done wrong to the woman I love and I'm facing the consequences of my actions. I failed, miserably and there's no way I can correct it again. How I wish a fairy will appear to me now so that I can change the past, but too bad, there's nothing I can do know, she wouldn't want me even as a friend. Life sucks, live with it.

BTW, Death Note also aired its last episode last night. It really showed good always prevail. I do hope it will happen too in real life, the evil (back stabbers and "plastic" people) will perish and peace will be restored in my life.

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