Monday, December 17, 2007

I am now a proud owner of a Neo laptop

Wishes do come true this Christmas

Mom gave a surprise today, I accompanied her at SM to buy some stuff and I was wondering what were we doing at SM Cyberzone. She asked me "San ba yung gusto mong laptop?" First I thought she just wanted to see it, but she told me "Sige kuha ka na". I was shocked really until now. I've been dreaming of having a laptop since ages ago (see my previous pics)., We had a P5,000 discount from the P40,999 original price, we also had a laptop bag and a free gift from Neo. I will never forget this day!

Tech spec of Neo Empriva 572SVBx

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Cedric said...

I just wanna ask two credible questions and also a hanging question. Are you really happy with the laptop you chosen? Is it really indulge your taste and expectations? For the people who are searching for a laptop like Neo, How can you evaluate to us the existence of Neo Laptops?

Hope you reply and thank you